Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love is a true story of a close friend's life. She and her then-boyfriend are now both happy in their married lives. They are no more in contact but they ask us about each other.
Unforgettable Love
Unforgettable Love

Kahaani Poori Filmy Hai- Unforgettable Love

How to kindle my past and let it fly away in a whiff?
Getting you out of my heart is like pushing myself off a cliff
You are not a gust of wind, but my most cherished past
I will remember you and love you till I breathe my last


After the rejuvenating holidays’ post X board examinations, when I entered the 11th class on the first day, I saw many new faces and one face was yours. You were looking so awful, queasy, and bored. And why not, you had to leave your previous school and old friends to join a new school and most probably not your ‘classy‘ environment.

Poor you, you didn’t score marks as per your previous school’s expectations and they didn’t allow you to take the stream of your choice so you were left with no choice but to join another school and that was my school.

Welcome to hell, darling“, thought I looking at you. Though there were many new faces, none looked as dejected as you and that’s why you were chosen one by me.

What do you say – jo dare usey aur darao……

After assembly, when we entered the class, the miserable chap couldn’t find his bag. Looking for your bag at every possible place, you were a sight to pity.

Like a small baby, you approached the class teacher to complain but became the laughingstock of the class when your bag was found at your seat only.

It was like almost the entire class had ganged up against you for no apparent reason and I was the leader.

I hi-fived my friend and you saw me from the corner of your eyes. I moved my lips, “abi to shuruaat hai”.

I am sure you understood my words. We came to know that your dad had a wholesale business of pens. Every day, your pens would vanish into thin air and you, despite your dad’s business would be left with no pen and got scolded by teachers for not taking down notes.

school desk with stationery and backpacks on chairs
Hijacking Lunch box

Notorious I, never felt sympathetic towards you. Once, we planned to hijack your lunch box and the taste of your food compelled us to do so daily thereafter. God knows how you survived without food till afternoon.

A few days later, we had a face-off during the library period. I was staring at you. That day, you spoke to me for the first time. The misery and resentment were evident in your eyes. That day, I felt your agony for the first time. Looking straight into my eyes, you dared to ask, “Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Ohooo!! To ladke k muh mein jabaan b hai”, thought I.

I moved a bit closer to you and staring straight into your eyes, I said, “My eyes, my will. If you have any problem, better change your place.”

You pleaded, “I know you are behind all the pranks that I am facing. I request you to spare me. I am already very upset. Don’t add to my woes”

Your innocence and your upset face took my heart away. I felt sorry for you. I advised, “If you won’t make friends, you will remain upset. If you won’t try to mould, how will you adjust?

You got up from there and left. And I smiled to myself. I was falling for you. Madhuri Dixit, the dhak dhak girl took control of my soul dhak dhak karne laga…and I kept on staring behind your back.

man on gray shirt portrait
Will You be my Friend?

The next day, during lunch break, you came up to me and with a killing smile, you asked, “Will you be my friend?”

The Narsimha song started playing in my heart Hum se tum dosti kar lo, ye hansee galati karlo.

Continuing the song, I wanted to reply, “Tum se kyu dosti karle, hum ye kyu galati karle?”

But, how could I say no to those captivating eyes? I extended my hand forward and accepted your friendship. We shook hands.

You jumped with joy and then thanked me. I reverted, “Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you”

First clash, then friendship and when this friendship turned into love pata hi ni chala.

We became the most talked about couple in the school.

aaj kal tere mere pyaar k charche har zubaan pe, sabko maloom hai aur sabko khabar ho gai….

Film mein romance ho aur villain na ho, ho ni sakta, ho ni sakta

So with this entered the villain of our love story – My Maths teacher.

The villain, our Maths teacher too got to know about our relationship.

Once when his period started, he came to our class and informed us, “Today I will take the joint class of two sections, so all of you come to section B.”

We were sitting together as usual. I got ready with my stuff but you were still struggling to find your register. The entire class has left for section B, only we two were left.

We bent down to look for the register in the desk drawers and at that time, sir came into the class. He shouted, ” What’s going on?”

Panicked, we stood up straight and I said, “Sir, we are trying to trace his Maths register”

Sir said, “If you have yours, at least aap to Chalo deviji”

Sir ne bola aese, main pani pani ho gayi

I ran outside the class to go to section B. You came with Sir 2 minutes later carrying a rough register.

We were so well known as a couple in school that if I ever took a leave from school, everyone asked you why I didn’t come to school, and if you ever took a leave, everyone asked me the reason. Whenever I would do some mischief or won’t come to school in properly combed hair or would come in unpolished shoes, you the great Shahrukh fan would comment, “Jhalli hai meri Anjali”Our lives were going smoothly and adorably. But, film kabhi smoothly chali hai. The audience needs masala.

photo of man teaching on white board
Villian-Math Teacher

The villain brought that masala during the PTM. He told my dad, “Waese to sab sahi hai but she is in the wrong company and this may affect her XII results”

My dad trusted me a lot. Sir’s words disturbed him to the core. That day, after the PTM, my dad went to his office without having his breakfast. He didn’t even take lunch with him.

zindagi imtihaan leti hai, dosti imtihaan leti hai…..

I was very upset and I cleared things up with dad in the evening, “Dadyou can call all my friends home and judge if anyone is a wrong influence on me. I know my career goal and trust me nothing would come in that path. Sir said so because he is angry at me. He had asked me to join his tuition which you know I didn’t. Saying so was his revenge”

My father retorted, ” A guru is a guru. He never thinks ill of his disciple just for petty things”

I tried to convince my dad, “Dad, pehle k aur ab k guru mein fark hai bahut”

My dad took a promise that I won’t deviate from my studies. I promised him and thankfully, he was back to normal with me.

This incident shook you too. You too asked me to promise that I won’t leave you. I promised you as well.vada raha sanam, honge juda na hum chahe na chahe zamaana…

But, another villain was awaiting us. The villain who turned our lives upside down. The villain who came as a tragedy in our lives

Life was going so exquisitely with you.

Sharing lunch with you, eating with your hands, roaming around the park during lunch break, sitting together holding each other’s hands, massaging your head, guiding each other in studies, bunking classes, and sitting on the stairs away from the prying eyes. You loved putting your freezing hands on my cheeks first thing in the morning during the winter season. You hated when my friends demanded my time. Your love never was a distraction from my studies, rather you always motivated me to work hard.

I cried a lot on the last day of school. You consoled, “Why do you bother, we will meet.”

Those were not the days of mobile phones. There were just landlines. I didn’t know how we will remain in contact. On every ring, I would run to pick up the call. Then we decided on a time. A time when nobody was around at my home and you too could call easily. We remained in contact like that. Then, finally, the day came when we met after about 1 month. I had lied at my place to meet you so I had to leave early.

We met after such planning so you were like aaj jaane ki zidd na karo.

But, what to do, I had to go

Ya khuda, chand lamhon ka Jo tune mujhe jannat diya
Na bhoolungi kabhi, tera bahut bahut shukriya.Pyaar hume kis  mod pe le aya…. it made me proficient in lying at my place. And that’s how started our meeting rendezvous.

Remember the movie Darr where Shah Rukh Khan coloured his face on Holi to play Holi with the girl he loved? You, a Shah Rukh fan also did the same one holi.

On the cold winter nights of December, when all are inside the warmth of their quilts, you would come outside my house and ask me to come to the window just to catch a glimpse of me.

I would be the first one whom you would call every New Year.

You gave me the best moments of my life.

But, pyaar k dushman anek

wooden hand touching an envelope
Secret Postcard

One day a postcard reached my home stating

Your daughter is having affair with one of her school classmates. Save her life.

This postcard changed everything. This ‘Save her life’ line instilled fear in my dad. My dad took a promise from me to end it all. There his chachu too came to know about us and he didn’t agree to the relationship. He told you that your family would never agree to an inter-caste alliance.

We pleaded at our places but…… Nothing worked…Tum bin jiya jaye kaese

kaese jiya jaye tum bin.
sadiyon si lambi hain raatein
sadiyon se lambe huye din

A sad ending to a happy relationship.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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