365 Days With You

365 Days With You
365 Days With You

This thing we have started with hi!

I wonder why you got me with your smile.

When you first stare into my eyes.

My heart feels jumping I can’t deny.

It’s been 365 days with you.

It’s not hard to fall in love with you.

No matter what I do.

My heart keeps searching for you.

Even though we both know.

We live in a different view.

Our time is not in the same hue.

But somehow,

you make me happy and that is true.

A simple message came from you.

Made my day, seems all brand new.

Even if I’m not sure what you intend to do.

At least I feel a little care from you.

Our story starts from hi!

And maybe it would end with goodbye.


Who knows?

Even you nor I… we’ll never know.


Let this thing hold us together.

Until when?

 until we can.

-Leda Rose

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