A PROMISE by -Ledarose Delima

When you feel your life is getting hard

And it seems like no one around.

Turn your head back my child.

You will see me, two steps behind.

When you’re feeling down and weary.

And a lot of things seems in hurry.

That’s why you’re getting crazy.

I’m here my child, I’ll help you to carry.

When there’s no one to hold your hand.

And everybody leave you at the end.

Just wave your little hand.

I come running, to hold you with both hands.

Mama’s always here .

Wipe out your tears.

Take away your fears.

For you I will always come near.

I will love you forever.

Even though life is not better.

In your head you must bear.

That you are my precious dear.

I will not go far from you.

No matter what you do.

I’m always right here.

And that’s a promise for you.

And I always do.

-Ledarose Delima

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