NUTRITION AND HEALTH- Great Wealth by Ankita Sinha ( Author who herself is pursuing Clinical Nutrition and dietetics)

‘Healthy outside comes from within’, we all have heard this saying. This basically means that the fuel in the form of food that we intake is going to reflect outside.


‘Health’ is the most integral part of our life. According to our conventional knowledge, the term health is only limited to being disease-free but it has a broader perspective. WHO has approved that health is determined by mental, physical, social, reproductive, and emotional fitness. We have deteriorated our health with the current so-called cool lifestyle.

Nutrition and Health go hand in hand!

Eating junk food, having a sedentary lifestyle, busy schedule, and having late-night sleeping are some of them. As a result mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and stress have become a major part of life. Not only these but lifestyle health issues like obesity, and diabetes,  are taking the graph up in spite of having more health facilities. The most important reason behind this is the fuel of our body which is the right food has lost its power.

As we know food is our medicine but now we eat medicines as our food. It’s because we take our health for granted and when we get diagnosed we suddenly start to follow blindly. Health is not a destination it is a journey to improve the quality of life. “We are what we eat”.

Nutrition is a branch of science that deals with the study of nutrients. It studies how our body uses the food and water we intake for our health, wellness, and growth. We are aware of the term balanced diet which includes the right amount of nutrients required by our body. Carbohydrates for energy, proteins for bodybuilding, fats, vitamins, and lipids. We need water for the metabolic process and to prevent us from being dehydrated.


Now, how nutrition and health are related?

Nutrition and health are inter-related.

The nutrition which will nourish our body will also help in building our immunity and will make us disease free. Eating the right food keeps the right mood. Proper nutrition keeps us energetic to work all day long with better focus.

NUTRITION has perks apart from just being healthy. It provides natural radiant skin, shiny hair greater metabolism, slows down ageing, and keeps lifestyle disorders at bay. Without proper nutrition, our body doesn’t run at a normal level.

Lack of nutrition results in malnutrition, premature ageing, fatigue, stress, mental retardation, etc. Especially women need to take proper care of nutrition during menses because of blood loss and during pregnancy as it helps the fetus grow. Nutrition is the only remedy that can bring a full recovery in lifestyle disorders. 95% of diseases can be prevented with proper nutrition.

Some additional perks of the right nutrition can make us re-think and make us change our current habits:

  • Helps lose weight: Healthy eating can reduce this problem. Consuming more green leafy vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and seeds can help a lot as they are low in calories and make us feel satisfied.
  • Helps manage diabetes: This gas affected millions of people worldwide. Avoiding sugary and junk helps. Consuming low glycemic food will work. Dark chocolates can be eaten.
  • Improves heart health: Avoiding unhealthy food, smoking, and alcohol consumption keeps our health healthy as consuming them increases cholesterol.
  • Increases immunity: A healthy immune system keeps infections at bay. It provides faster recovery and healing.
  • Boost Brain health: Omega 3 fatty acid food like seeds, nuts, and oil boosts our brain. This diet therapy is preferred for people suffering from mental illness.
  • Improves digestion: Fresh vegetables, fruits, and water maintain good gut health.
  • Delays aging: We all want to stay young forever. Healthy eating removes toxins from our bodies and radicals.
  • Skin health: We all want healthy and radiant skin. Water, fruits, and vegetables are very important as they are rich in vitamins A, C, and E for maintaining good skin health.
  • Reduce stress: Eating clean makes the mind clean and detoxified. It gives better focus and happiness.
  • Sleep better: A lot of people suffer from insomnia. Eating 2-3 hours before and foods low in calories can give us a sound sleep and make us feel energetic the next morning.
  • Increases Productivity: Right food and hydration keeps us enthusiastic all day long and our productivity increases.

These were just some of the benefits of nutrition which has a great impact on us. Think what if we follow all consistently the quality of our life will be …………!

Health is the greatest wealth‘…

-Ankita Sinha


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