Navratri Day 01- Ready to Transform

Happy Navratri Day 01
Happy Navratri Day 01
Navratri Day 01 by Ankita Sinha
Happy Navratri Day 01
Happy Navratri Day 01

The Vibrant decoration, dresses, designs, and colours dazzle our eyes. Have we ever thought of the essence of the gratifying festival Navratri?

Yes, there is significance and meaning in each day which has the power to conquer all our complications. We all are searching for ‘the power’, but where is it?

It is inside us, we are just a step back to invoke them as our strength which is pictorially represented by Goddess Durga with her eight arms, and to remove the vices as demonstrated by killing the demon.

Let’s dive into the ocean of this splendid festival and invoke our eight powers beginning with Navratri Day 01 …..

Navratri Day 01

Parvati Devi: Power to Withdraw

The first power of the soul is to detach or withdraw ourselves. If we have the power to do it at the right moment we will be safe from the challenges that life will throw. The same way as the tortoise does when an elephant was going to walk over. The tortoise senses the threat and withdraws itself and gets safe. Practicing 15-20 minutes of meditation in the morning can help one to declutter his mind from the outer world and can work upon soul consciousness.

It is an art to live. Being detached helps the person to radiate positive vibes in the form of acceptance, love, help, and care, to win over the negative vibes such as anger, jealousy, hatred, insecurity, and rejection. Detachment is often misunderstood as being a yogi or saint but it actually means to be untouched from the outer world and people’s vibes and maintain a normal living. 

Parvati Devi has this power.

She is represented as being ready to transform or change. Attachment wants people and situations to change and get hurt in rewards but being detached means to bring change in oneself. The two cows represented are symbols of sacredness. The more we practice detachment the more sacred we become and can nurture others with unconditional love, care, and acceptance.

Parvathi Devi
Parvathi Devi

‘I am Parvathi devi.’

“I have the power to detach.”

-Ankita Sinha

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