A Journey From Unhealthy to Healthy

Consciously Healthy Choice
Consciously Healthy Choice
A Journey From Unhealthy to Healthy by Rekha Mittal Gupta
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A Journey From Unhealthy to Healthy

Before marriage, my ideal weight never ditched me whatever I may eat.

Weekend pizza and burger parties never got skipped. Without rice, my meal was incomplete and french fries, samosas were the pride of evening snacks. And, how could I forget those cheese slices and cheese cubes? No sandwich found its way down my throat without these two high-calorie dairy products.

Aerated drinks always enticed me to them and I too used to drown in their cool and soothing effect on me. I was so addicted to cold drinks that I couldn’t finish my lunch or dinner if I didn’t get the drinks.  I was into binge and guilt-free eating and drinking as nothing could shake my perfect 38 kg weight at an age of 28 years.

 Unhealthy to Healthy
Unhealthy to Healthy

Post-marriage, things changed. I got married into a health-conscious family. Cold drinks and junk food were a big NO -NO. And even if I wanted to eat, I was asked to prepare it at home only, no outside food was allowed. Now, who wants to take the trouble of preparing something in addition to the usual meal for a joint family, so reluctantly, I had to become conscious about my diet. 

Also, my perfect 38 kg weight too ditched me and I started gaining weight. The once reluctant journey changed into a deliberate health-conscious journey.

Consciously Healthy Choice
Consciously Healthy Choice

A Journey From Unhealthy to Healthy

Sometimes Keto diet, the other times’ a GM diet plan, and in the summers, the cucumber-lemon detox therapy came to my rescue. But, after a few days, the cheat days would overpower the diet plan days and would play havoc with my weight control determination.

I started wondering why all tasty things are unhealthy. Some five years ago, I participated in RUN DELHI RUN marathon and at the conclusion ceremony, the organizer took upon the podium and declared, “For a long and healthy living, remove the four whites from your kitchen- salt, sugar, refined flour, and ghee.

At that time the thought that hit my mind was, “Kya karun main, marr jaune” (what shall I do, shall I die)

In the past two years, when there was no source of rejuvenation and enjoyment, the kitchen became a place where I found solace in cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

Things that lockdown taught me to keep myself and my family healthy without compromising on taste and transforming from Unhealthy to Healthy eating are:

  • Replace white salt with rock salt
  • Replace sugar with jaggery powder
  • Replace refined flour with multigrain flour or wheat flour.
  • Use an air fryer for frying.
  • Knead the flour in vegetable stock.
  • Fruit chats are a tastier and better version of eating lots of fruits
  • Sprouts or chickpea salads enhance the taste of vegetables and give much-needed fibre to the body.
  • Drink lots of water.

Don’t worry if you are stuck within the confines of your home, or if you don’t get time for exercise in the morning. Incorporate on-the-spot walking exercises for 30 minutes in your daily routine. This 30-minute walk need not necessarily be in the morning. You can do it at any time of the day. During this spot walking, incorporate simple exercises, like moving hands up and down or round and round, jumping between walks, moving neck side-to-side, and the likes.

You can transform unhealthy but tasty dishes into healthier and tastier versions with minimal and acceptable changes. You may include exercising habits in your daily routine, following them religiously and dive into the world of binge and guilt-free eating with no worries of weight gain.

Unhealthy to Healthy – HAPPY EATING!

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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