Self Motivation is the Key to Success

Self motivation
Step up- Be Self Motivated
Step up with Self Motivation A blog by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Self motivation
Step up with Self Motivation

For every child, his/ her dad is the hero – Papa Number 1 and when the cruel life snatches away this hero, life turns upside down.

The same happened to me. Even for the smallest of issues, I knew who could resolve it in a click of a finger and when that guiding light turned off, I was devastated to the core.

My life, my inspiration, my guiding light, my dad
In the year 2003, he made his heavenly journey making me sad
Jagged life hugged me leaving me despondent
Oblivious of the happenings around, I was in torment

He left for the other world leaving behind his wife and four kids. The trauma was so intense that all five of us were drenched in our own respective miseries. We couldn’t give the much-needed support to each other. What do you call that - sab bikhar se gae.

Being the youngest and the most pampered, I was slowly heading towards depression. One night, my dad shook me up in my dreams and asked, “Is this what I have taught you – to be a coward? Don’t disrespect my teachings and my love. Get up. Start afresh”

Unable to cope, I too wished for an escape
My rigid attitude was taking me to doom, it was time to rethink and reshape
A new beginning was indisputably the need of the hour
Enduring the grief, I had to move on, my dad was blessing me with power

The next morning, I woke up with a new zeal. I now knew that earlier I could hide from dad, but now, he is constantly monitoring me, and his eyes are watching me 24*7. I looked around and saw my siblings and mom trying to come out of their traumas. I too joined them and started from where life had stopped.

My young, energetic, enthusiastic self superseded my sorrowful life
Motivating own self, I commenced my endeavors by shirking inner strife
“You have to work hard, your dad’s watching”, I perpetually reminded myself
Learned to cope and restarted my ascend as I had to prove myself

I submitted an application explaining the reason for my continuous break from college for five months. My fees for second-year post-graduation too was pending, which I submitted along with a late fee fine. My friends helped me get a fresh identity card and gave me notes on all subjects. I immersed myself in my studies and cleared my post-graduation with distinction. Then, there was no looking back. My endeavors and my dad’s blessings helped me secure a job at a reputed college in Indraprastha University.

I immersed diligently in shaping my career
Fervid I was to chase my dreams, my path was now clear
Emerged as a winner of circumstances with faith and without fear
Self-motivation became my LIFE-PASS, I moved ahead keeping my dad’s teachings near.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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