Dedicated to our Teachers

Dedicated to our Teachers
Dedicated to our Teachers
Dedicated to our Teachers by Priya Kashyap
Dedicated to our Teachers
Dedicated to our Teachers

Teacher the word itself is an inspiring creature on this earth. A teacher is like a casset in the darkness of light. they are blessings to us from the Almighty. Without a teacher, it is impossible to lead a life with gaiety and growth.

They enlighten our path with the spark of their knowledge .they are being headed to help their students in their life goals. teachers are also called “Guru”, and in ancient times education was going on in Gurukul, where students use to attain knowledge from their Gurus.

After our parents, we are all dedicated to our teachers regarding learnings about life and success. 

A teacher nurtures a child in the early stage of their learning as the mother does. They teach us to differentiate between right and wrong. teachers are society makers.

They show the correct path to the children so that they can create a healthy environment around them.

The teacher has no discrimination of caste, religion, and colour. He teaches morality to the students. The contribution of a teacher leads to the development of a child all around which indirectly lead to the development of the nation. With education, a teacher will impart ethical values to the students and will make them good human beings.

A teacher can be your best friend also when you are not getting that how will you lead to success in your life and how will you solve the problems of your life. He will help you to keep away the hurdles of your life and will help you to take to choose the right path.

-Priya Kashyap

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