Healing lies in Forgiveness

Pic Courtesy: library.neura.edu.au Forgiveness
Healing lies in forgiveness by Priya Kashyap

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September 2nd, 2022 01:58 pm

Pic Courtesy: library.neura.edu.au Forgiveness

We are the creation of the almighty on this earth. He has made us with deep bent and emotions.

He has sent us on this globe with the sense of judging good and bad deeds. What if the sins are done by us? Or have we got someone who has done unforgettable wrong actions? When we are said to think of others and about their actions, the level of our thinking changes, and we go through a different point of view. It’s not always we are supposed to have wrong actions. Sometimes the situation makes us do them. When we are supposed to decide what someone has done we should think as if we are the victim, then only we could decide what to do with the person, who has a conditional or unconditional deed.

All we can do is understand their indenture and help them to be out of that.

If they were right in their feat but circumstances made them do that we should go through forgiveness.

We should also forgive them because they are also the child of God like us.

Healing lies in Forgiveness

If we will understand someone who has got on the wrong track by mistake god will understand us and will bless us with perception and consciousness.

Healing is in Forgiveness Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Forgiveness by us can heal someone who is in deep grief and repenting of their deed.

It’s only forgiveness that can change the scenario of this cruel world.

Wrong must not be always treated with wrong because there must be some reason if a person is going wrong with his life.

The problems which we face in our life make us like this to fulfill our dreams, our needs and to help others also we follow the wrong track because what we give is what we get.

So we must forgive everyone for their deals because it’s all in hands of God to heal someone or to punish someone.

We are not God but we can help others to follow the right path so that they can lead an opposite and happy life.

Our one decision of making someone good can make that person live a life full of hope and dedication.

Be a human being of quality and let others also be by helping them in their actions.

-Priya Kashyap

Healing lies in forgiveness

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