Vision to Revolutionary Modern Feminism

Vision to Modern Feminism
Vision to Modern Feminism
Vision to Modern Feminism by our Guest Blogger Preity Rashmi.

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September 4th, 2022 10:34 am

Vision to Modern Feminism
Vision to Modern Feminism

This world has set a refined definition of righteousness already from the ages, and people are blindly following it just because they consider it the “rule” to be followed, not “the right thing!”.

Feminism is a random synoptic presentation of those rules, mended in the form of sex. Feminism is nothing but the equality bar laid by the brighter brains of the universe. Talking in general and understandable terms, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights, based on the equality of political, academic, economical, and social constraints for the legitimate assignment of opportunities and positions.

This trending cliché term has always acquired a certain conception differently for a diverse population. You can ask any small town woman or maid – “What is feminism?” to them, “not to be beaten by their husbands” will be their only answer -. On the contrary, if you ask the same question to a millennial kid, she will definitely show you an enormous sense of credibility to be provided, such as equal wages, equal respect, equal zeal to promote in career, equal opportunities, and many more. That’s the difference between people’s mobility over generations and financial status.

I also sometimes wonder, how feminism will ever enlighten the issue of equality, and not discourage men’s worth? Because this is the truth. People fear feminism a lot, only because of the sensitive revolution associated with it. They consider that it will influence the decline in power and authority of a “man-dominated” society, as all feminists want to overshadow men’s reigning world. This is not feminism at all.

She/her/hers pronoun doesn’t mean that the world only has to think about women and prioritize them abruptly. There’s a certain rise in the graph of modern feminism thoughts and it should be optimized within the society as well.

Vision to Modern Feminism

We, as modern feminists, demand an independent right to behave, speak, act, dress, and neglect(yes, of course!). There should not be the “allow” word for working women, and there should never be “thankful” guilt among them. These small moderations will only differentiate the act of modern feminism in society.

From Indian mythology, we have seen Ahilya as the blamed identity, who was punished by sage Gautama Maharishi, just because she was caught with another man. Why did no one ask her first about the misunderstanding? We have seen Draupadi partially raped in front of the whole assembly at Hastinapur, just because her husbands considered her as one of his possession.

Why did not even the oldest person dare to stop all chaos? We have seen Sita as the culprit, for which she had to prove her chastity by an ordeal of fire. Why even her beloved husband couldn’t stop the rumors for her sake?

These are the few in the millions of cracked-up experiences faced by many generations, in one or another way. This issue raises a delicate matter of unconscious gender bias, how personal traumas and personal experiences can affect the perception of many herds. Some people are just afraid to accept the exact moral of feminism, some just ignore the fact of giving equal importance to women, some even differentiate among women with different caste, creed, and color, and some doesn’t care at all what is happening around them. In all sense, it is wrong and unacceptable.

Modern Feminism
Free Living

Feminism comes from the very basic act of daily activities, like listening opinions of women, giving space for her peaceful mind, not expecting them to prepare meals timely, never questioning her decisions on her career and choosing friends, etc.

My vision of modern feminism is not only demanding equality but an unbiased ecology of free living. I love the fact that Droupadi Murmu has raised the bar high and slapped all those who were suspicious of her capabilities because of her belonging to the tribal community, and not considering her as just a normal human being.

I love the fact that Michelle Obama made history by becoming the nation’s first Black First Lady, who didn’t lose her identity because of her husband, but continues to champion the cause through the Girls Opportunity Alliance, a program within the Obama Foundation that supports grassroots leaders working on girls’ education. It’s all up to the perception and acceptance of the fact of modern feminism. It only demands an alliance of humanity, not femininity.

Preity Rashmi 

Modern Feminism

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