Breastfeeding Dilemma

Breastfeeding Dilemma
Breastfeeding Dilemma
Breastfeeding Dilemma by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Breastfeeding Dilemma
Breastfeeding Dilemma

The most unfortunate moment for any mother is her inability to feed her baby. And, I was that miserable mom facing breastfeeding dilemma.

My newborn baby had to be kept away from my touch or nearness because of certain complications that I faced during and after the delivery.

I met him after a gap of three hours. My breasts were bulging and my baby was hungry. Both were calling each other.

Though I had a normal delivery, I was in discomfort. With great difficulty, I sat down to feed my child, though not upright. He, too, was looking for milk.

I wonder how a newborn knows where to look for milk and how to suck the milk. It’s a natural wonder.

The moment I touched his mouth to my nipple, he sucked it but instantly withdrew and began wailing. Bewildered, I tried again but got the same result.

I was feeling heaviness in my breast, so I was sure that there was milk, but I was unable to comprehend the issue-was my child not being able to suck appropriately?

Panic-struck, I called my mil. She too couldn’t understand the matter. Meanwhile, my little boy kept on crying inconsolably.

We called for the doctor, who, after the examination, told us that my nipples were blocked. She sent in the nurse to clear out the nipple holes. She tried her best, but it was no use.

Looking at my son’s condition, we reluctantly gave him formula milk. My heart moaned for my few-hour-old baby.

My child had just stepped into the world and life started showing him its ways-first, he had to remain away from his mom, who was the only person he knew the best. Secondly, he couldn’t feed on his mom’s milk.

My mom was discharged the next day, and my mil, without delay, called for our family’s well-known midwife. She came within an hour.

She unblocked my nipple holes. Though it was an unbearable procedure, it worked. She advised me not to give the milk right away.

She helped me pump out the milk from both breasts as it had become stale. My baby continued on formula milk until more milk was produced.

I started feeding him my milk almost 36 hours after his birth. He sucked the milk voraciously like a ravenous lion.

His appetite was satiated thereafter only, and he slept peacefully for a full two hours after almost 36 hours.

Then came another hurdle. I had faced a problem with my tailbone during delivery, so I couldn’t sit at 90 degrees. I couldn’t feed him in a sitting posture. I would lie down sideways to feed him, which caused problems in his ears. To date, whenever he gets a cold, his ears ache and he suffers from ear infections.

Then, another fear gripped me, and I never got the chance to consult my doctor regarding the same.

I have had a thyroid disorder for the past thirty years, and I was in a dilemma about whether I could feed my baby or not.

My husband said that I could, but he was not a professional, so I doubted his statement.

I didn’t have a smartphone at that time to Google the issue. Nevertheless, I kept feeding my baby.

I didn’t discuss my apprehensions with anyone, but deep down, I was scared every time I fed him.

The apprehensions lasted just for three months, as I couldn’t feed my child thereafter. Yes, milk was not getting produced anymore, and I finally had to shift him to cow milk.

Just three months is all that my baby got my milk. But, he can still say, “Maine Maa ka Doodh PIYA HAI.”

Note to avoid this Breastfeeding Dilemma

Breastfeeding is safe while taking levothyroxine to treat an unresponsive thyroid (hypothyroidism) as it is sequestered at extremely low levels in breastmilk.

With the start of the eighth month of the pregnancy, ask the doctor to check your nipples for any blockage so that timely and appropriate action is taken in due time.

Rekha Mittal Gupta

Remedies to Breastfeeding Dilemma

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