Freedom by Sudipta Mishra

Thousands of Indians have offered their life,

O My Mother, for your soil, so many lives have been sacrificed

So many mothers dedicated their treasures to our freedom

We all have seen a dream 

A dream to see our mother India alive 

A dream to cherish the spirit of our nation

So many nights have been spent tirelessly

After being mercilessly beaten by Britishers 

Indians did not stop to raise their voice 

They choose to live freely by choice

They got freedom, not by chance 

But by battling for justice, equality and liberty 

It is a hard-toiled treasure to preserve 

We chose to be free from the chains of autocracy 

From the constraints of colonizers 

It was not our demand to get liberation 

It is the heritage of our nation 

We feel proud to be the offspring of such a golden age 

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we  have to spread the message

That we all are one despite the regional differences

Let’s awake with the dawn of this day, and proudly say that we are Indians 

Let’s take a pledge to devote the last drop of blood for only our nation! 

-Dr Sudipta Mishra

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