God’s Best Gift To Me

My Son taking Charge - God'sGift to me
My Son taking Charge - God's Best Gift To Me
God's Best Gift To Me - A story of a mom and her son and how each child is god's special gift a mother can ask for. by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Lockdown Chores Ready!
Lockdown Chores Ready! ( God’s Best Gift To Me)

During the two years of the corona, I didn’t gender stereotype any work. I took my son’s help in almost all the household chores – dusting, sweeping, mopping, cooking, washing, etc.

I won’t say that he has become proficient in all the household chores but I was sure that if need be, he would manage things on his own.

I am proud to say that recently, he proved me right. He is truly God’s Best Gift To Me.

One day, I woke up feeling dizzy. My husband checked my Blood Pressure which turned out to be very low.

He then woke ⏰ Lakshay (my son) up for his online classes. Lakshay isn’t used to getting up by anyone other than me. When his dad informed him about my health, he woke up and took charge of the situation.

Lakshay’s dad asked him to prepare salty lemonade for me but he brewed a super delegation of coffee for me.

After drinking that coffee, I was feeling much better but he didn’t let me get up. You won’t believe it, he prepared breakfast for all three of us while listening to his online classes. That mix veg mayo sandwich tasted heavenly. Thereafter, he removed the dishes. His father was sure that Lakshay would take care of me. He handed Lakshay the phone number of the tiffin service for ordering lunch and went to his work.

Lakshay attended the rest of the classes while I took rest during that time. After his classes, he prepared sweet and sour lemonade, each sip of which rejuvenated my weak self.

My Son taking Charge - God'sGift to me
My Son taking Charge – God’s Best Gift To Me

He then took my head in his lap and affirmed, “Don’t worry about any work. I will manage all. You just take rest”

He then gently massaged my head and made me sleep. A child’s lap is the bestest heaven where all your worries vanish into thin air and you sleep like a baby.

Sleeping like a baby in his lap, my headache and dizziness too bade me goodbye. That was my best sleep.

On waking up, I found all the household chores were done and food was ordered.

My heart jumped with joy. I wondered if he would remain the same as he grows up, I wondered if he would love me the same as he grows up. I wondered if he would care for me the same way as he grows up.

I don’t know what the future holds for me. Keeping aside all the apprehensions, I lived in the moment, hugged my son, and thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

His reply was, “Why thanks, Mumma? I have learnt this from you only. You leave no stone unturned in taking care of us, not only in sickness but otherwise also. So, can’t I take care of you even for a single day? I love you, Mumma, you mean the world to me.”

His words meant a lot to me. Nobody recognizes the efforts a lady puts in to take care of the family. It is considered her duty. But, my son acknowledged it.

My apprehensions evaporated and I showered him with blessings.

God’s Best Gift To Me – My Lakshya!

Rekha Mittal Gupta

If you relate and feel that your kids’ love is the best gift from God, do share your experiences and experiences in the comment section. Like, share, and spread the love.

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