Happiness is Found Within

Happiness is Found Within
Happiness is Found Within
Happiness is Found Within, deep meaning poetry by Athira A.
Happiness is Found Within
Happiness is Found Within

He had with him everything he wanted-

A colossal family backing all the time,

Handful of bucks to buy what he wish,

Luxurious facilities to jubilate his days;

Still, happiness remained pauce in life.

Kept on searching in nooks and corners,

In the humans whom he met everywhere,

In the tourist spots which he travelled to,

In the articles which he read in libraries;

But, none of them could make him smile.

With a heart full of pang and melancholy,

He yearned to be happy just like anyone.

Never realised that his joy was with him;

Only he had to peek within him to seek it,

And open his heart and permit joy to flow.

Do you want life to be a happily ever after?

If so, stop rambling around in search of it,

And learn to inculcate happy vibes in mind.

Anon, your inner joy will be radiating out,

In the form of oodles of beams and jokes.

Athira A.

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