Crispy Chocolate

Crispy Chocolate by Athira A.
Crispy Chocolate
Crispy Chocolate

No better victual can lure thy swain on a date,

Than a slice of his or her best-loved chocolate.

Gift thy mate a box of chocos on his born day,

And witness him whooping ‘You made my day’.

Once the tang of cocoa caresses the taste bud,

Psyche will awake from the state of being dead.

Be it Dark, White, Milk, or Couverture Chocolate,

A chocoholic will surely regard it as best comate.

For fellows to whom days seem to be lackluster,

A bite of crispy choc can serve as a stress buster.

Cadbury and Nestle are tormented for any parent,

When kids view them as founts of enchantment.

– Athira A.

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