“The Gateway To Happiness Lies In Having Sympathy For The World”

Gateway To Happiness
Gateway To Happiness – Sympathy & Humanity

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, so a beautiful thing always showcases enough splendour and joyous moments of life. The lustrous beauty lies in simplicity and nature. The modern world is often shrugged off by the sluggish attitude towards life. The inactive mind fails to perceive the real value of happiness. We never know who is starving or craving food in some corner of our society. People are even competing for basic requirements like water and air.

Leave the basics in this toxic situation, a few are not getting enough space to reside in complacency. There is stiffer competition for feeding little food to families. Young ones are chasing and begging for their hungry stomachs. The entire responsibility of the whole family is thrust upon little ones. Homeless people are wondering here and there.

The flow of milk, in the temples of our country, is considered religious and dignified. Whereas numerous kids are dying of hunger.

The rich are getting richer by pushing the poor people into the pool of poverty. Some fools like us are always chasing and imitating the lifestyles of elite people by creating a never-ending state of anarchy. At the time of this silly and nonsensical comparing game; we forget that every moment we are losing the vital zests of life. We should always cultivate the art of appreciating. If we have endowed with the basic facilities like a roof for shelter, food for acute hunger, and last but not least clothes to cover, then why do we complain?

Why do we forget that everyday people are getting deprived of these basic comforts? Ecstasy is something paradoxically defined by society. We somehow conceive that luxury is the seed of ecstasy. No way. Happiness is an inner state, which we can derive from empathy and compassion towards each other in a community. The beauty of life will be cherished and nurtured by the celebration of humanity.

The art of helping each other in a society is eternal bliss. The gateway to happiness lies in exploring and imbibing goodness and sympathy for the rest of the world. The way to heal oneself is based on caring and sharing positivity, not on disgust and hatred towards humans.

After all, we should carry on with the humanitarian values of mankind towards a goal-driven direction in life.

-©️ Sudipta Mishra

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