Animals’ Feelings

animals' feelings
Animals' Feelings
Animals' Feelings- Poetry by Athira A on compassion to every living being
animals' feelings
Animals’ Feelings

Yes, they can’t talk the way we do,

Or express their feelings in words.

Still, beasts too have sensations,

Like those that normal man owns.

They too can feel bliss and blues;

Can jubilate when good happens,

Can mourn at the time of mishaps,

And express without suppressing.

Meowing of cats, barking of dogs,

Chirping of birds, hissing of snakes-

These oodles of sounds spawned

Are reflections of umpteen feelings.

The creatures too enjoy with allies,

And fight with those who are foes.

Afterall, they are also living bodies,

Made of thick flesh and hot blood.

Athira A.

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