A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav (Gajodhar Bhaiya with deep grief)

A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav
A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav
A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav, Tribute to the Comedian by Sudipta Mishra

Here is bidding a final adieu to the comedy star hailing from Kanpur, our great standup comedian Raju Srivastav created a revolution in the world of comedy. His instant jokes and humourous attitude brought him so close to the heart of all Indians. As an artist, he was fond of mimicking all other great actors of Bollywood.

After striving hard in the industry, he bagged small but memorable characters in Hindi movies. As a son of a poet, he knew the art of attracting an audience to the magic of his captivating dialogue delivery with a unique style. From mimicking the teachers in his school career and Amitabh Bachchan Ji in the film Deewar, Raju Srivastav has taught us a lesson to smile in every situation. He has left a rich legacy behind him. He even shared a warm bond with Sri Amitabh Bachchan Ji and the entire television industry loved him a lot because of his remarkable contribution to the world of entertainment.

Formerly known as Satya Prakash Srivastava, he rose to fame with his witty dialogues and strange style of creating an ambiance where the audience was glued to their seat. Nobody has imagined the sudden demise of such an actor. Even the entire nation could not believe that the person behind the smile of everyone will leave us teary-eyed and breaking down.

A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav

We will miss him forever. He is a real warrior.

A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav
A Final Adieu to our very own Raju Srivastav

At the age of 58, he left us because of a cardiac arrest. We all are heartbroken and even shattered. The whole nation will be going to miss the punch and humour for which he was known as the comedy king of Bollywood.

For pursuing his dream, Raju went to Mumbai and underwent years of struggle before carving a place for himself. He started by driving an auto-rickshaw in Mumbai to meet his daily expenses. It was only after months of struggle that he got a break and earned small roles. His 1st big role was apparently in the TV serial Shaktimaan – a favourite sci-fi show for kids in the 90s. He was depicted as Dhurandhar Singh in Mukesh Khanna’s show.

Raju Srivastav

A real hero and a great family man who struggled even in the 1980s and succeeded in 2005 as a popular standup comedian in the Great Indian Laughter Challenge, a Comedy show. His popularity soared high after then. He became a household because of Cause of his crispy and crunchy dialogues. He even worked in several Bollywood movies. The void which has been left after him can not be filled by any actor for sure. It was not easy for him to crack funny lines from simple life experiences. It’s years of knowledge and toil that rendered him such fame that would peal laughter off his audience.

He endeared himself to the masses via his popular stage character – Gajodhar bhaiya and Manodhar. With extremely adored characters like the Gajodhar and Manodhar he soon became a household name and was soon associated and referred to with the name Gajodhar Bhaiya. His comic timings and expressions left the viewers glued to his acts.


Nobody can match the humor level of Raju Shrivastava. No double-meaning jokes, no abusive words. He was the best stand-up comedian in India. He is not with us. But the whole nation will, again and again, revive his memory through his immortal line that has already left a lasting impression in our lives.

To the one who lived his life with a mission to bring a smile to everyone’s face, he shall always be missed. May his immortal soul rest in peace in the heavenly abode.

Sudipta Mishra

Non-stop laughter Raju Srivastav

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