Motherly Wings
Motherly Wings
This one goes to all the Lovely Mothers in the world. Dear mothers, you're special and I want you all to feel appreciated. - Skykidjuan
Motherly Wings
Motherly Wings

Yours is a special kind of love 

Like it, I’ve been searching all around

Haven’t seen any except for the one above

And that You’re next to him that I’ve found

You taught me to keep fighting for times are tough

However I was young, I couldn’t understand

But now I see the world’s game is tough

For your love and help today here I stand 

Like I wasn’t an old enough 

Still today you pray for me

And I might require a million words

To articulate my gratitudes

Morning to evening I prayer

Praying good things to happen to you

To experience new days with us here 

Till you’re older than Methuselah

May God keep you safe and secure

All the days of your life

May he forgive you as no human is pure

To keep your head above the waves

May God grant you peace

Of mind heart and soul

None will ever take your place

I know this from my deeper soul

Soon you’ll see my surprise

Achieving what I’ve been longing for

Next is my success

I’ll make you proud than I ever did afore

Thanks Mom for your wings

Your Motherly Wings on Me

© Skykidjuan

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