We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last that can do something about it.’ 

-Barack Obama 

In recent years temperatures have increased drastically and severely affecting life on earth. 

The percentage of the ice that covers the earth has melted down continually. The radius of the ice is reducing. This is causing alarm. The animals that depend on ice to feed (like bears )will come to extinction if this continues. Not only is the ice melting but large tons of it are breaking into the ocean causing an increase in the ocean level. 

iceberg on body of water digital wallpaper
Melting of ice

NOTE:  ICE  IS VERY ESSENTIAL TO THE TEMPERATURES IN GENERAL. -when the sun shines on the earth’s surface, ice helps in reflecting it back into the space keeping the earth cool. Thus, if it’s melted the reflection won’t take place and the heat will be trapped, especially when human activity and carelessness has made it even worse with the greenhouse effect. 

Forests transform the CO2 in the environment into biomass through photosynthesis. However, when deforestation occurs, trees realize the stored carbon back to the environment. This puts deforestation among the causes of climate.

Trees are cut using machines that emit CO2 into the environment.

photo of brown wood logs

When cutting trees, there is a possibility the young plants get damaged in the process, some permanently, some discouraged, and this affects the process of carbon reduction in decades to come. 

Most huge trucks used for transportation from the forest to the market use Diesel. They emit another component of carbon monoxide which is no less dangerous. The effect like any other includes changing the ecosystem.

It becomes even worse in charcoal burning through the production and emission of gases such as (CO2) and methane (CH4).

The gases produced in each of the processes above has an effect on us and generation to come. Air pollution brings a series of effects to both humans and animals including health issues such as cardiovascular and respiratory problems. 

Carbon causes the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse effect– the energy from the sun goes through the atmosphere and warmth the earth but it does not go back to space, instead, it’s trapped on earth hence causing global warming. (Global warming causes a rise in temperatures, droughts, storms, change, and unpredictability of the season.)  

Due to global warming; high cost of living, the suffering in the quality of water(acid ocean), dirtier air, extinction of wildlife due to alteration of the food chain. Skin disease in humans is not left out.   

Wildfires could also impact the weather and climate by releasing large quantities of carbon dioxide and monoxide and fine particles of matter into the atmosphere leading to polluted air. Take for instance Kenya, in Kenya, 230kha of land was burned in 2021.

Unregulated charcoal production, logging of indigenous trees, marijuana cultivation, and cultivated fields in the indigenous forest to shamba-system practice( Involves farmers tending tree saplings on state-owned forest land in return for being permitted to intercrop perennial food crops until canopy closure.), livestock grazing, quarry landslides, and human settlements just to highlight a few has led to deforestation in the country. 

woman holding soil with a green plant
Plant More Trees

We can prevent these, by taking care of our environment at all costs; leaving trees be, planting more, creating awareness and campaigns on the importance of taking care of our planet as they say this is the only home we have. We destroy it, we destroy ourselves and our offspring with it. Global warming affects us directly. Taking personal responsibility for our own welfare,  otherwise in this generation and those to come.

Using improved wood energy conversion devices (in households and industries) will help curve the demand for charcoal.

Remember, Earth is all we have!


So respect the gift – Earth is all we have!


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