March 23, 1998 – My Mother

My Mother
Dedicated poetry of love to a mother by Ankita Karmakar
My Mother

Monday, it was.
Her new and never-ending journey started that day;
She was surprised how a doll-like baby came out of her womb!
Numerous congratulations, shower of blessings thrushed her with an ocean of
Some told, “listen you are now a mother, sustain your patience, forget your hunger
& sleep, nurture your baby and so on…”
Yes, this ‘She’ is my Mother, not only birth giver but also the life force of a little
doll to be another woman at present.

The epitome of patience, nurture, love as well as strength and indomitable spirit,
She maintained the kitchen and also reigned the stage as leading artist, a singer;
When she sings every musical note seems so prominent that everyone can feel the
true essence of her excellence;
Giving up everything for others’ sake, she became richest;
Possessing eternal beauty, my queen of glamour stunned me every time,
She is best in everything, age is not a matter to her,
She took all the responsibilities in one hand and also achieve the prominent
capacity of singing,
A true artist may not be able portraying her as she is dynamic and unique;
Yes, she is my mother.

I am proud to have her,
No need to get a more true and energetic soul around me;
Without any expectation she nurtures my household,

No gift can touch the level of her excellence,
She is a daughter, wife and mother but on the top of that, an individual,
In search of identity she moved forward,
I only can give her these verses as reward.

Ankita Karmakar
Unconditional Mother’s Love

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