Indecisive - A little hope that was left
Indecisive – A little hope that was left

Fading lights from the chandelier

A bottle shelf, a thousand bottles of beer

A reminder of what happened here

Where did it all go?

Just tell me if you know

That little hope that was left

The little faith we had in each other

Love went out through the door

And hate spread all over the floor

Little by little our pride consumed our peace

Look at us, where do we stand now

All that is left is the past; no present, no Fut…

Yes we built a sandcastle by the shore

So the storms tore it down

We paid more attention to the war

Before knowing it, apart we had grown

Why did we spend years building a kingdom

That we’d later destroy in hours

Why did we travel by sea when stronger was the storm

Why didn’t we avoid speed if we feared the snow I suppose we start afresh

We are young and we got time

Thus no need to rush

Or we’ll end up the same

Am not sure we can start again

When our hearts are hollow and plain

When we are cold and all we do is complain

When we have forgotten how to love and we’re filled with pain



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