Thank You Dear Mother!
Thank You Dear Mother!

An eternal bliss that your love always gave me,

Lessons of life I learnt from you, my dear mother!

Every day you raised my tantrums and fulfilled my wishes,

Thank you so much for bringing me into this world.

Tears fall from my eyes whenever I remember your pampering,

Every moment I miss you very much, my dear mother!

Really I’m missing your gentle touch, kiss and magic hug,

For me, You made countless sacrifices.

O my dear mother! You are God’s supreme creation,

Respectfully I salute you wholeheartedly, my dear mother!

Mother! You are the epitome of love, dedication and sacrifice,

You made me a better person with your tireless efforts.

O my dear mother! I can never pay your debt,

Vastness and deepness of your love, I can never measure.

I still remember when you were very sick,

Nevertheless how did you take care of me.

O my dear mother! You’ll always be in my heart,

Hope you will be my mother in every birth.

Even in the difficult time, You always supported me,

Really You have always filled my life with your blessings.

©Deepti Shakya, India ðŸ‡®ðŸ‡³

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