Friendship of Convenience

friendship of convenience
Friendship of Convenience
Friendship of convenience. A story of heartbreak and moving on by Rekha Mittal Gupta
friendship of convenience
Friendship of Convenience

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine break up kar liya

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine break up kar liya

A smile graced her gloomy face on hearing this ringtone. This was Sparsh’s call. She had been trying to contact him since morning but to no avail.

She thought of letting him suffer the way she had been enduring since morning. But then, she couldn’t control her urge to hear his melodious, intoxicating voice.

Hello! Where were you? I had been calling you since morning”, she grumbled the moment she picked up the call

Naina, for the sake of my happiness, don’t call me ever now. This is our last conversation”, Sparsh uttered the most heart-piercing words.

On getting no response, he continued, “All the best for your future. Have a great life ahead. Bye”

He disconnected the call but Naina stood still and dumb still clutching the phone to her ear. Her lips were quivering.

A teardrop escaped the clutches of her eye and travelled down her cheek. Her hand with the phone dropped down throwing down the phone. She wobbled and fell to her knees.

Finally, she screamed out aloud and the dam of her eyes broke open flooding her cheeks, neck, and dress. She moaned for as long as she could, laid there on the floor, and fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was 8 at night. She gathered her broken pieces and washed her face.

She got ready and booked a cab to Xcess Pub. Naina was an occasional drinker and had a big gang of friends. They all had cautioned her against Sparsh. They had warned her that her relationship with him would be like falling into a deep trench which would eventually hurt her immensely.

She too knew it but

Aashiqui mein har Aashiq ho jata hai majboor

Ismein dil ka, Naina k dil ka, isme dil ka kya kasoor…

She wanted to drown in her sorrow all alone. She wanted to go on a date with herself. She wanted to escape the Humne samjhaya tha na accuses of her friends.

She reached the pub, sat on the stool at the bar, and ordered a shot, then another shot, then another…

Six shots down, she looked at the bartender with fierce red and watery eyes. Her pain was evident. She said, “You know, all men are dogs… You are a dog, he is a dog…”

She then stood up from her stool and went from one man to another saying, “You are a dog, you are a dog”

Eventually, she took a round of the entire pub calling every man a dog, then climbed on the bar and screamed loudly, “saale, jab accept karne ki himmat ni hoti to pyar kyu karte ho tum kutton, fattu saalon”

She swayed and fell. Chaos ensued, the bartender and some people helped her get on the nearby sofa. The bartender called the last number on her phone…

Why is she calling me? I had made it clear that that was our last conversation. She didn’t utter a single word then, so why is she calling me now?” thought Sparsh when his phone rang displaying Naina’s name.

When nobody answered the call, the bartender tried again but the phone was switched off now.

He called the next number on her call log. That was of Riya. The bartender told her about Naina’s condition and within half an hour, Riya, Keerath, Ujwal, Deepti, Mannu, and Latika reached the pub.

They sprinkled water on her face. She opened her eyes and when she saw her besties surrounding her, she burst out and screamed, “Wo kisi aur se shaadi kara hai”

Naina’s gang was not shocked. They all knew that Sparsh had no guts to go against his family’s wish. They all had even warned him not to get too close to Naina if he can’t marry her, but……….

Sparsh had made it clear to Naina as well that he would marry the one his family chooses for him. When Naina confronted him, “Are you passing time with me?”

He replied, “I love you, but my orthodox grandparents won’t accept the inter-caste marriage. If you could be with me till any of us get marriedthen I would be very happy. If not, then too I will understand and respect your decision”

Madly in love with Sparsh, Naina accepted the proposal. A lot many marriage proposals came for her but she denied all offers just to be with Sparsh.

But, Sparsh accepted the first marriage proposal his grandparents deemed fit for him. And the day, that is today, when the engagement ceremony was performed, he had made his last goodbye call to Naina.

Naina’s friends too took some drinks and then they all loaded themselves in two cars. They reached outside Sparsh’s house and started honking their cars. It was now 11 pm. Sparsh’s family members and neighbours came outside.

Naina climbed on top of the car and with tears in her eyes, she looked at Sparsh and sang

Tune dil mera todda, kahin ka na chodda

Sanam bewafa, sanam bewafa

Her gang sang in the chorus

Bewafa, bewafa, bewafa nikla hai tu....

All eyes turned towards Sparsh. Sparsh ran towards them to stop all this but Naina hugged him tightly and started moaning.

Tears came into his eyes too but he composed himself. He helped Naina get inside the car and requested them all to leave.

They left but the news of this incident reached his fiancee’s ears who broke off the engagement.


A few days later

Naina, whose call it is? Your phone has been ringing since morning. Who is it that you are avoiding?” Naina’s mom asked

After her break-up with Sparsh, Naina took one month’s leave from the office and came to visit her parents.

Nothing mom, it’s from the office. Chuttiyan bhi chain se ni jeene dete”, she said.

Better switch off the phone, dear“, her mom advised.

Uski mujhse baat karne ki tadap dekh dil ko sukoon mil raha hai, how can I switch off the phone?” thought Naina looking at the screen displaying Sparsh’s number.

Let it ring, mumma. I will tell you that I was busy. Don’t worry” Naina told her mom.

That was Friday. Her gang came over there for the weekend to party in the lap of greenery.

She told about Sparsh’s call and they all cheered for the new strong Naina. They prepared a bonfire and danced all night while Sparsh’s continuous calls provided music for the party.

I don’t know who is at fault in this but dil dono taraf toota. Just saying, “this is our last conversation for the sake of my happiness” doesn’t end it all. Think about others’ happiness too. Start a relationship only if you have the guts to respect it.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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