Toddler Tantrum & Mom

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Toddler tantrum
Today, am sure, you won't just smile but laugh reading two anecdotes of my life - Toddler Tantrums and Mom by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Toddler tantrum
Toddler tantrum

Toddlers won’t be called Toddlers if they won’t behave like ones, isn’t it? Toddler tantrums are inevitable.

One of the most toddler-ish things is throwing tantrums and cribbing and crying for things born from their childish imaginations.

Today, am sure, you won’t just smile but have a good laugh reading the two anecdotes of my life – one where I was a toddler and the other, where my son left no stone unturned in taking revenge on me on behalf of her Nani for all my unjustified tempers.

Anecdote 1: When I was a toddler

Mangoes are the favourite of all age groups. I too was, and still am a die-hard fan of mangoes.

Bidding adieu to this juicy fruit is the most heart-wrenching part. Something of the sort happened to me one such mango-going season. I demanded mango from my mom. My mom had a hard time explaining to me that mangoes have bid us adieu for the season. I cried, I became the mop of the floor, I didn’t eat my lunch. I left no option to my mom other than banging her head into the wall. Finally, she yelled, “Tuje to weham ho jata hai”

She hit the axe on her bare leg by saying so. I forgot about mango and started demanding weham, “Weham khaungi, weham chahiye”

To get rid of my baseless cravings, my mom cooked a unique dish and named it weham. From that day onwards, whenever I wanted to eat that dish, I would say, “Mom, please cook weham for me.”

To date, mom teases me saying, “weham banau kya?”

Anecdote 2: Naani k naati ka revenge

As a baby, we always trimmed Lakshay’s hair at home.

Once, when he was around 4, due to certain reasons, we couldn’t pay attention to his hair growth and his hair grew in length. Whenever he would look into the mirror, he would admire his hair.

Once, I took him for a haircut. I was not aware that he had not understood what I meant by the haircut. As long as it was not a visit to the doctor for vaccination, he was happy to go anywhere with me. He cheerfully accompanied me. Even after reaching there,  he didn’t realize the purpose of our visit. He was delighted to sit on that plank placed on the chair for toddlers.

Seeing a toddler in the salon, the owner ditched Katrina Kaif dancing to some hot song and switched to cartoon network. Lakshay became happier and his attention diverted toward the television. He didn’t realize that his hair was being cut as he was deeply engrossed in Doremon and his gadgets. Half side of the hair was cut when there was a sudden power cut and Doremon vanished from the screen, diverting Lakshay’s eyes towards the mirror. The moment he saw himself, he screamed aloud and jumped off the plank, “ Mumma, my hair, my hair, uncle has cut my hair.”

He started picking his hair from the chair and placing them back on his head. I felt sorry for my baby but all the people there enjoyed his childish acts. After some time he said, “Mumma, I have placed my hair back, let’s go back home, I don’t want this haircut.”

It was futile to explain to him that hair won’t keep on sticking to his head. I took him back home with half his haircut done. He took great care of his cut pieces of hair. Thankfully, he had no idea about glue or cellotape at that time. Otherwise, I don’t know what he would have done.

Toddler Tantrums sure are inevitable. But we have a very informational video down here to help you deal with them in 3 easy steps…

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

Toddler Tantrum Management

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