history heritage
History- Heritage
On World Heritage Day, History in our hands is setted by Maid Corbic
history heritage
History- Heritage

It is very important that we preserve the history of our simplicity and that we never forget where we come from and what our life desires are. Each of us has some vision of our own that we want to share with everyone and we should never be sad about the world or the world if the world is not what we dreamed of.

Each of us has more ideas and each of us as an individual strives to preserve all that a city has and to never forget that everything we dream of is only for our good and the well-being of all of us who believe that the arena is great and that we have reason to rejoice in all that comes to us. We must be aware that every dream is special and that we never understand some things the way we want, but we need to understand that another life is ahead of us and that we as human beings can fight all battles until the end of victory. Every day, we should try to strive for goodness, because by preserving our region in all countries of the world, we can truly say that our life is poor and so good. We must never suffer grumpiness and sorrow because then it only hides the reason for sorrow and shame in the eyes of people who love and believe, and somewhere in the dark far away there is some happiness.

We are just people ready to love everything around us and lead the meaning of life in different ways, and finally open the space and ideas to everyone around us. We as humans need to believe that happiness is great only if we build the world around us as we know and can because that is what is most needed more than ever. And the reason for laughter is only perseverance to preserve our reservoirs of life and the beauty of nature. We need to be aware that somewhere far away lies our source of areca and that none of us can say that some things happened by accident. As human beings, we are ready to love everything around us and the reason for our actions is to rejoice in happiness. That is equally important for all people who believe and love us as we are. And we must also know that, regardless of the age, the area is still hidden and that none of us must forget that all the buildings of the world are important for should people and generations to come.

Preserving everything is important, because without preserving the meaning, there is no way to fight with anyone or anything. The only reason for all the honour is that we still believe that the meaning of life is the most beautiful side of the world and that, regardless of everything, we are certainly building an arena and the deception of life. We certainly need to hear everything we have and not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed in every vein, because the only thing that matters is hard work and effort, as well as the very comfort of giving the existence of words and nonsense that we want to share with each other. We must be ready and keep all the battles we have and believe that the meaning of our existence is that we have something to show other people around us because showing everything we dream and want is a happy path to our future.

Mystical times are these and we still need each of us to know that nothing is found and that the only reason for laughter is the one who will tell us that we are still happier than ever and that the reason for existence is what we carry at the bottom of souls, tradition itself.

Tradition is what keeps us very happy, because that is the only thing that saves us from the troubles that people want to create, and one of them is to be happy with everyone and not want our time and rafts to be thrown to the ground. We still have time all over this world to be happy and content in every segment of life and that love can connect us all again.

Preserving tradition and attention is essential for all of us and a willingness to believe in something better when we least expect it. We should be human in everything and know that happiness will be greater when we share happiness with everyone around us and pay attention to everything we need, vitality, and tradition. We need to believe that the meaning of happiness is when we build ourselves, because everything that passes is only temporary, and our state of preserving tradition is very important. Preserving history is important for all the masses because by preserving it we do not want to disturb everything we did a long time ago; attention and respect for our ancestors.

Happy World Heritage Day! Preserve our History!!

-Maid Corbic

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