To the Risen Christ

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A thematic verse on Easter Day to remember Jesus Christ by Cilenti Emaneule

Laurel crown of thorns changed,

from the risen Christ who loved me so much.

His tears changed to blood,

To save the mortal He created.

And while the small world makes you

Always remain the Divine Giant

Of this tender heart here.

Pierced by sins like spears

The world every day, alas, greets you like this, sad reality exists in this land here.

May praise and adoration arise in the lips of those who bite them out of spite, and may mankind bring more reverence and respect towards the Divine Master.

Reverse He who is not alone

Dead to mankind, but also risen And he holds us all in his big hand!

The twisted world I live in all the time but I want to be closer and closer to you!

Cilenti Emanuele

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