In the Ogre’s Garden

Ogre’s Garden

I planted a rose
I gave her my name
I gave her my love
I watered it with my tears
I fertilized it with my blood.

Now he wants to step on her
He wants to eradicate it
He wants to kill her
But I do not want
That hurts her
He has already done so much to me.
I defend it with my body, while he whips me
But even if I feel pain
I continue to defend my squad from my scars and bruises
Splashes of blood flowing and flowing between the furrows of the earth.

They are gone now
She killed me
I cried
I suffered
I bled
But in the ogre’s garden, now many roses are born
And with their perfume
Are intoxicating heaven.

Emanuele Cilenti 

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