Safe Motherhood – Dialogue in the Womb

Safe Motherhood - Dialogue in the Womb by Cilenti Emanuele
Safe Motherhood - Dialogue in the Womb by Cilenti Emanuele
Safe Motherhood involves a father’s input too.

Safe Motherhood – Dialogue in the Womb by Cilenti Emanuele

I look at my wife sitting on the sofa. She was leafing through a gossip magazine.

I look at the baby bump which has now become conspicuous. It makes me tender, so I get close. She hadn’t noticed that I had been watching her for 10 minutes.

From behind her back, she smiles at me and resumes leafing through her magazine. I lean over the belly, kiss it, caress it and try to talk to the baby that she carries in her womb.

Yes! A beautiful boy, our first child. We are very excited, and even a little scared, whoever did the parent!

“Hi Andrea it’s your daddy who greets you, how are you in there? You will soon be born, my mother and I can’t wait.” Silence, it’s normal he wasn’t born yet so he didn’t learn to speak.

Suddenly I hear a little voice in my head that whispers to me: “Hello dad,” Thing? No, that can’t be true. I got paranoid. “I speak to your heart even before your ears, because it’s easier for me, before I was born I wanted to ask you a question.”

“Still incredulous and a bit stammering, I exclaim:” Tell me, what do you want to ask me? “

My wife looks at me and says: “I really don’t have to ask you anything. I haven’t even spoken.” “Yeah, you’re right,” I reply and walk away a little, while keeping an eye on my wife’s belly.

“What’s it like outside? Yeah, well, what’s it like to live?”

I don’t know how I did it but I managed to get in touch with my son I answered him without making a sound, almost telepathically: “It’s all terribly complicated here. Men only kill themselves for a game called power or for a God called Mammon, the trees were once green, now black. Clouds have become toxic clouds in the name of contributing to progress. With the collapse of the planet, the earth has now become a mother who gives birth only to sick children. There is a bad thing called Death. You will be born and then die. It seems more and more an inexplicable paradox.

As I say this I realize that I am on my knees and crying like a baby, silently without my wife’s notice.

“Why are you crying, dad?” “Because now I understand what kind of world I’m giving you birth to, and the sense of guilt assails me. Maybe it was pure selfishness instead of deep love. Because I think we adults have built a world for our children with a strange, ugly shape that hurts.”

“I know that even if it’s too bad out there, I know that you and my mother will always protect me, and with parents like that, with such special people, the world will be a more beautiful playground for me. I’m sleepy now, I’m going to sleep. Dad, I don’t know you yet but I already love you! “

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