Mere Sri Rama, Tera Ayodhya Punah Swagat Hai

Welcome back to Ayodhya Sri Rama
Welcome back to Ayodhya Sri Rama, a beautiful read by Ashu Verma Chaubey
Welcome back to Ayodhya Sri Rama
Welcome back to Ayodhya Sri Rama

“The day he decides what he wants to do, everyone shall see where he reaches,” Rai Saheb said to the Principal.

“Still let me warn you that rules, values, prestige, and discipline are the four important pillars of my school and your dear son doesn’t seem to be able to meet any of these.”

“If he tries to break even a single rule, I will expel him the same day, irrespective of whatever you say,” replied the Principal, Prasad Sir.

Mr. Prasad was a man of the principles and the status of his Vidya Sansthan was higher in his eyes than any other religious institution.

On the other side, the only beloved son of Rai Saheb had nothing to do with his studies. Loafing around, parting with friends, and roaming around in expensive cars all day. That was his routine.

With great difficulty, he somehow managed to pass his class 12th examination.

It was not that Rai Saheb was doing all this because he wanted to hand over the reins of his business to his own blood.

He had already made up his mind that he would hand over the business to the one who is capable of handling it, whether someone else or his own son.

Mrityunjay was granted admission, but the principal had a keen eye on him.

Even while in college, Mrityunjay never felt like mending his ways. Having fun and bunking classes were a part of his everyday activities.

Prasad sir suspended him for a month.

But Mrityunjay’s actions did not improve. One night he returned from the party drunk.

Rai Saheb’s anger touched the seventh skies that day. As soon as he saw him, he slapped him, probably for the first time in his life.

Totally inebriated, Mrityunjay was not conscious at all, and in anger, he pushed Rsi Saheb away.

Rai Saheb fell on the table and the glass on the table broke, entering his ear, inflicting a deep blow on his forehead.

Hearing the sound, his security guard came running inside.

On one side Rai Saheb was lying, bleeding profusely, and on the other side Mrityunjay, totally intoxicated. He immediately called an ambulance and took both of them to the hospital.

Rai Saheb was immediately taken for the operation. On regaining consciousness in the morning, Mrityunjay was reminded by the guard about the incident of the night.

He felt very sorry for what he had done. Seeing the condition of his father from outside the ICU, he started crying bitterly. He didn’t have the courage to go inside or talk to the doctor to know the whole situation.

The next twenty-four hours were very crucial for Rai Saheb.

The doctors advised him to go home and come back later.

He went home but in the evening again at the behest of some friends, he again went off parting, had drinks and fun. Late at night, he reached the hospital drunk and created a lot of ruckus.

In the morning when Dr. Sunidhi met him, he expressed his desire to meet the senior doctor to know about his father’s condition. When Dr. Sunidhi said that she would give him all the information he needed, he created a ruckus there and picked up a fight with her.

Dr. Sunidhi only said, “the one who has no respect for his father and his hopes and aspirations, does not regret his actions, what will he respect me. What more can I expect from you.”

“If you do not regret what you did to your father while you were drunk, then what is the use of explaining anything to you” and left.

Rai Saheb regained consciousness after three days. Now he was out of danger too.

When Mrityunjay went to meet him, he refused to meet him saying that he had no wish to meet any worthless people.

These words of Dr. Sunidhi and his father pricked him like needles. He left silently.

Rai Saheb was treated in the hospital for a long time. He could no longer hear with one ear. And after this accident, he became very weak mentally too.

After recovering, he went to college after a few days and apologized to Mr.Prasad, and got Mrityunjay’s admission cancelled.

After taking care of his business for a few days, he decided to hand over all the work to some responsible hands.

After talking to Mr.Prasad, he interviewed his son, who had just returned after studying abroad and handed over the reins of his business in his hands and got an old age home established in his luxurious bungalow and himself got involved in it.

Many years later……..

Respected Rai Saheb,

Many years ago thinking to end my life, I had left my house, but I do not know where did I get the courage to face life and my weaknesses. I later joined the army and became a soldier.

And now I am going to be rewarded on the twenty-sixth of January for my courage while at war, that broke out during the last days.

You are my role model and hence I want to invite you to come and bless me. Will you come to bless me in this happiness of mine? Will be eagerly waiting for you.


Rai Saheb could not make out whose letter it was, but he was glad that it was from a young man who fought himself and won after losing his way. So according to his ideals, he had to go and encourage him.

When he reached there that day, Dr. Sunidhi and Prasad sir were already present there. They escorted him to their reserved seats.

On being asked, they replied that today is going to prove to be the happiest day of his life and requested him to just have some patience.

As the ceremony started, Major Mrityunjay was the name that was announced for receiving the bravery award.
Listening to the announcement Rai Saheb’s, eyes couldn’t contain his tears.

After the end of the ceremony,  Major Mrityunjay came to meet him and touched his feet. “Will you be able to forgive me and bless me Sir”, he said.

Rai Saheb hugged him and there was no end to the tears of happiness in both father’s and son’s eyes.

“How did this miracle happen,” he asked  Prasad sir, who unfolded to him the whole situation that how he had left the hospital that day, very sad and depressed, but on the persuasion of Dr. Sunidhi, he stayed in the rehabilitation center for six months.

After leaving the drug de-addiction centre, he went straight to Prasad sir and asked for his apology and requested to help him. He also requested not to tell anything to the father.

He gave him a second chance as now he could see the passion to win in his eyes and admitted him again to the college. After passing the graduation examination, he applied for a job in the army and after diligent hard work, he succeeded.

Furthermore, Mrityunjay told him that he was very ashamed of what he had done to his father and wanted to face him only after he earned himself a name and that is why he did not inform him earlier.

And he wanted to see this happiness on his father’s face with his own eyes first, that is why he did not even write his name in the letter.

But these tears turned to tears of sadness when he saw a fake boot on one of his feet. After suffering from a leg injury during the war, his leg had to be amputated to save his life due to the bullet that had pierced his leg bone.

“Son, such a great sacrifice…..” Rai Saheb could not say anything beyond this.

Embracing him, Mrityunjay said………. “Sometimes one has to lose everything before winning something and the one who wins after losing is the real hero.”

“Oh my Ram, you’ve won over the Raavan in your personality and emerged a winner. You are welcome back in your Ayodhya my son”, Rai Saheb exclaimed.

Friends, who do you think was Ravana ???

Was he just a rakshas who had wanted to rule the world, conquer death and fulfill all his wants and desires ???

Or is he a part of our personality who is ever alive  ??? Who borns, lives, and dies with us  ???

Is conquering the external enough or overpowering our inner Ravana that excites our greed, intolerance, ego, selfishness, and negativity towards society should be our motto  ???

To win ourselves....
To win hearts.....
To win the evils.......
And emerge victorious........

Think about it…….
A very Happy Ram Navami.

Sri Rama returns to Ayodhya

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