Sri Ram – Let’s Meet Our Divine, Epic Being!

Sri Ram
Virtues of Sri Ram
A short motivational write up to imbibe the virtues of Sri Ram in us by Sudipta Mishra
Sri Ram
Virtues of Sri Ram

Let’s create the Incarnation of Sri Ram out of each Ravan we meet on this Ram Navami.

Ramayana is the epic that each of us goes through from our infancy. 

We have a mental concept of the characters that the image of Ravan is the most hateable and the disposition of God Ram is what we seek in everyone who is an ideal for a virtuous man.

Shall we ever think about the characters? 

How can we derive the individuality of this iconic presentation from each ordinary people who we met daily?

How can we imbibe his persona in our lives? 

Let’s discuss his character…

He is the symbol of dignity and truthfulness. Not only did he execute the righteous acts of his kingdom but he also helped the downtrodden ones to elevate from their abandoned state. 

He is an illustrative model of loyalty and chastity. He never cared about the temptation that became an obstacle on his path towards spirituality and a quest for establishing truth and justice. Impartiality and respectfulness are some of the qualities that we desire to seek in every man surrounded by us. 

He is a storehouse of all traits that still we need to invest in our personality.

So don’t just read the epic Ramayana to enhance the knowledge of mythology but practice the preachings from the lives of those people who can inspire our lives. 

Be like Ram and burn down the vices of Ravan to discard the demonic and evil deeds from our minds. Still, we need to infuse the characters of Ram to overthrow the wickedness that clouded our hearts. Put on the courage from the divine incarnation of the mythical images to destroy the immorality that is still fuelling in our minds to tarnish the entire humanity. 

On this Ram Navami, let’s take a pledge to relive the mythological characters again.

Short Story of Ramayana- Sri Ram

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