Seed of Life!

Seed of Life!

Seed of Life
Seed of Life
Seed of Life- A Safe Motherhood Awareness Poetry by Lakshmi Ajoy
Seed of Life
Seed of Life

In the cavernous depths of her empty womb,

She couldn’t plant a seed of life,

Relentless trips to hospitals, medical centres and clinical cares,

Did not lessen her soaring aspirations and hopes.

A decade of persistent yearnings within,

Finally bore a fruit in her empty womb,

A decennium and nine more months of an unending scuffle,

She thought she has conquered and won over.

The tiny seedling of endearing love,

Was welcomed with tears of happiness and joy,

The comforts and richness were cascading in style,

The million dollar infant smile made the house an abode of ecstatic joy. 

The neonate suckled at her overflowing bosom,

And was slumbered to a peaceful drowse,

But who would have known the calamitous future?

When the baby choked up for life and breath.

All the jubilation of the endless eternities,

Seemed to come to a catastrophic end,

The tiny seedling of sparkling life,

Now lay lifeless in her bare open arms…

©️ Lakshmi Ajoy

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