Music of Contentment

Being the hero in my house help's life.
Being the hero in my house help's life.
Thematic story of being the hero in your story, Rekha Mittal gupta narrates a kindness deed, being a hero in her house help's life, keeping the spirits of Ramnavmi in the essence of the narration.

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April 13th, 2022 06:56 pm

Being the hero in my house helps' life.
Music of Contentment
Being the hero in my house helps’ life.

How is it like going to sleep with a contented heart?

The good deed, even if it be a single good deed a day gives music at midnight, music of felicity and euphoria. We must offer our gratification to God if he has made us capable to serve at least one needy person.

I had that privilege once and trust me, it cost me nothing much and gave me immense pleasance and exuberance.

When my son was seven months old, it was December chill in Delhi. Despite working from home,  I wasn’t able to manage the office, son, and household work alone.

I hired a morning to evening nanny/ housemaid.

On day four or five, I don’t remember exactly when she came a bit late with swelled eyes and bruised face.

Appalled to see her, I asked her the reason for her pathetic condition.

You won’t even believe what she told me. She was beaten black and blue by her mom because she asked for some sugar and milk in her morning tea.

Imagine a little girl moving out of the house to earn a living and getting only boiled water with tea leaves brewed in it on the chilly winter morning. And beaten brutally when she demanded a better tea.

I felt pity and scared about the condition she was living in. On probing more, I found out that at her house, she just got a cup of sugarless milkless tea in the morning and nothing else the entire day. When she wasn’t working anywhere, she thrived on that tea in the morning and rusk at night.

When she started working at my place, the privilege of rusk at night too was snatched away from her. Her parents expected her to have meals at my place which I wasn’t aware of and she never told me. She used to go out for lunch but I didn’t know that she kept sitting outside my place for an hour during lunchtime and served me and my family all day long hungry and thirsty.

I couldn’t help but hug her. From that day onwards, I told her that the kitchen she works in is hers too. She can prepare tea for herself when she makes it for me.

I prepared afternoon and night meals according to one more person. She started remaining happy and her childhood innocence again glowed on her face. She once expressed her desire to study.

She had studied in a government school till Grade VIII. I helped her fill out X class board examinations form from open and sent her for tuition during her working hours so that her parents don’t get pissed.

She was a great help and I did my bit to help her. After clearing her board examinations, she expressed her desire not to study further but to learn stitching and parlour work.

We helped her with that. After that, she started working under a master at a tailoring shop and fell in love with the master.

After three years, she came with her marriage card. She got married to that master and they both took their shop to great heights.

Today, her husband owns a boutique and has helpers under him. She owns a parlour and like me, she too is helping a girl settle in her life. She has a three-year-old daughter who is as pretty as her.

She has become very busy and it’s been seven years since I have met her.

It’s a beautiful feeling to be of any help to someone.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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