Today I’m a Poet

focused poet writing on paper
Today I'm a Poet
Depicting the Theme- Be the hero of your own story, S.Afrose pens a beautiful poetry. Do read!
focused poet writing on paper
Today I’m a Poet

It’s such a miracle
Nobody can imagine
How can this happen
It’s not expected afterall.

Such a simple one I’m
Want to lead a peaceful life
Showing rays of love
Making the wonderful hub.

That’s not so easy
Life makes the mystery
Suddenly a tornado appears
To destroy the dreamy world .

Sitting mournfully all alone
Need a serene phase overall
Can see the pen of heart
Try to listen my inner part .

The pen with it’s magic
Makes a different way
Can see the ray of happiness
Amidst the turbulent earth.

Nobody is here to hold hands
Nobody is here to wipe tears
Pen is coming with golden art
Can see the best friend’s heart.

By holding the hand of friend
Can swing within any trend
No fear peeps in mind
Can fly above the sky.

Phoenix comes as my art
Tells me— hello my dear
You’re the great bard
Never forget the inking power.

At first I’m  surprised
Is that so easy to reflect thoughts of mind
With scary sights—try and try
Finally can get so much love.

So many people like my writes
They are inspired by each art
They’re always saying — bravo dear
World is ready to welcome you, hear!

That’s the magical memento
Seeing my name as a poet
Whether it’s false or true
But today I’m a poet on beautiful earth.

(C) S Afrose

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