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Hello April!
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April 13th, 2022 07:11 pm

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Hello April!

Inspirational Icon

As the first rays of the glowing, spinning sphere of hot gas bathe the serene and gloaming earth, a hand makes its way out of the quilt to search the blue-cut lens glasses which she had kept near her books on the bed itself before bidding adieu to them last night.

As her hand gets hold of the specs, she wears them on her 19-year-old still closed eyes, lying on the bed in the warmth of the quilt.

Offering her prayer, she sits down, opens her eyes, takes the book she was scanning last night, and starts studying from where she had left.

After half an hour, her mom brings her a mug of hot milk. She drinks it and studies for another hour before finally leaving the bed.

This was the routine of IAS aspirant Sanjana. Where every first-year college student was exploring a whole new world and cherishing liberation after disciplined school life, Sanjana was untouched by the freedom and remained immersed in her books and studies.

Along with her graduation, she was preparing for the IAS examinations. She wanted to become the youngest IAS officer.

Her diligence, dedication, and determination paid off when she cleared her IAS examination in the first attempt – a dream come true.

The battle was still half won. She started preparing for her interview. On the day of the interview, she draped in her mother’s silk saree. Her mother wished her luck with sweet curd.

She reached the centre. Before she could enter the gate, she felt nauseous. She clung to a nearby tree and puked. After feeling a bit relaxed, she wished to drink water from the water bottle that her dad gave her. The moment the bottle touched her lips and she raised her head to take the sip; the sky, the trees, all started swiveling around and she fainted.

Her dad sprinkled water on her face, but to no avail. An ambulance was called and she was admitted to ABC Hospital.

After she gained consciousness, she panicked and wanted to rush to the centre. But, destiny had other plans. Her lower limbs betrayed her and refused to budge. She screamed. The doctors came and were perplexed to see her condition. Various tests were run but nothing could be diagnosed.

Her condition did not improve, rather her legs turned dark, lifeless, and feeble.

Second, third, fourth, various opinions were taken but………..

She became bedridden for life. She preferred to end it all. An IAS aspirant, who was just one step away from accomplishing her ambition lost to destiny.

A lot of counseling sessions, her parent’s support, and her friends’ and teachers’ perpetual encouragement boosted her morale and helped her out of depression.


She had to take charge of her life. She wanted to become financially independent. With her parent’s assistance, she opened an institute for preparing IAS/IPS aspirants.

Sitting in a wheelchair, she became a mentor and inspiration for many. Her witty replies and teaching style made her well-known in no time. She earned her name and fame with her strong willpower.

In an interview, she once said, “So what if I could not become an IAS. Today, I am giving this Nation not only IAS but also IPS Officers. God knew my caliber and steered the direction of my life where I was more needed. I am thankful to God for blessing me in my NEW BEGINNING.”

Being a fighter, I have learnt never to give up
Examinations life takes, can’t shatter me up
Amateur I maybe in judging this life
Never will I end up moaning over strife
Incandescent zeal pushes me towards the top
Nothing now can come in my way, nothing can let me stop
Solely I can sail through the storm of ambivalence
A prudent mind leaves no room for despondency and diffidence
Impermeable is my conviction, industrious my attitude
Relinquished my indolence to reach a greater altitude
Aspirations and ambitions have engulfed all criticism
Torn asunder I have the dark clouds of pessimism
Incredible heights I strive to achieve
Optimistic I am, I can introspect and conceive
New inspirational icon I am, I believe.

Rekha Mittal Gupta

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