100 Reasons of Happiness!

Happiness in penning!
Happiness in penning!
Dear Readers, As I believe each one of us pursues happiness, tell me if you did find yours? If you did, where and how you did? Waiting for the rainbow of happy comments. Thank you!- Harshita Udani

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February 15th, 2022 01:14 pm

Happiness in penning!
Happiness in penning!

Growing up, I fancied learning and augmenting my language skills. I always yearned to master them. Not that I’ve mastered any;  but I still sure have the inclination and motivation to do the equivalent. English, is a language I enjoy learning and exploring each day. I am an avid reader and I find pleasure in books and words. 

To give wings to my endeavour, during lockdown I came across an amazing community for blogging, and soon I started writing. I explored the new ME. I knew I could write, but wasn’t sure that I would commence the journey and would start penning words. Never had I dreamt of getting a label of an author/blogger. It is an elating feeling, with each day when I write prompts and quotes and blogs. As a neophyte, discovering from fellow writers, excellent orators, and essayists, I admire each one and their strengths. I wish I reach a level close to them someday.

Today is a momentous day because, in the pursuit of finding myself, I found my happiness in writing. In the pursuit of happiness, I have crossed 100 blogs and dedicating this blog and many more to come, to the writing spirit, the storyteller, I found in me.

Applauding and commemorating each one who made me believe I can do it. The online world of words, hubby as a support system and believer in me, my kids who never failed to amaze me by giving me space and calm, when I need my writing time. Every bit of the universe conspired in giving me the happiness I longed for. 

Today I’ve not one but 100 and more reasons to be happy.  Taking those tiny steps, I didn’t realize when I trod so long. I know it’s still just an advent, and the voyage is still to sail far. With all the love and support, I’m sure to achieve many more feats. Hope to reach the stars and heights, giving me the writing goals, set to reach far and beyond. My journey is to discover, reflect and grow each day, expressing my thoughts in black and white, yet giving colour to the imagination of the readers.

The pursuit of happiness is not a journey to embark on,  rather it’s an effort to dig deep within oneself, as it has always been residing right there in plain sight.

-Harshita Udani

Dear Readers,

As I believe each one of us pursues happiness, tell me if you did find yours? If you did, where and how you did? Waiting for the rainbow of happy comments. Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “100 Reasons of Happiness!”

  1. shashi0thakur13

    Brilliantly penned blog, dear Harshita❤… each writer/blogger is unique with his/her strength and skillsets, you have your own. Congrats to you on your 100+ blogs👏👏
    Like any other writer, I too find my happiness in getting appreciated for my posts.🤗

    1. Thank you for the appreciation and motivating words @shashi0thakur13 You are indeed a wonderful writer too with so much versitality in your content. It’s always a pleasure to read your blogs.

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