“Naam Mein Hi Sab Kuch Rakha Hai”(Everything is in the name)

Creative touch, a little makeover, platting well, and fancy name... It's all in the name!
Creative touch, a little makeover, platting well, and fancy name… It’s all in the name!

Often we hear people saying that “naam mein kya rakha hai?” ( What’s in the name?), but trust me when it comes to making our naughty and picky children eat something and that too nutritious something, then definitely ‘naam mein hi sab kuch rakha hai’ (Everything is in a name).

Fussy eaters often get attracted to fascinating names and end up eating those dishes too which they outrightly reject to eat. I have experienced this many-a-times with my kiddos.

Every mother puts her heart into whatever she cooks for her children, but it becomes so disappointing for her to see them throwing tantrums while eating healthy and nutritious food, and seeing them eat unhealthy food makes her sad.

Here, in this blog of mine, I am going to share an incident that actually made me realize that by giving a fancy name, we can actually find a solution for the biggest problem of all moms. So, it actually started when I came across a Mexican dish named, “Quesadilla” a few years back.

After watching a movie, we decided to eat at the food court. My son who is a big foodie and is always ready to try new dishes, made us try this tempting Mexican dish called, ‘Quesadillas’. I was shocked to see that my daughter who is an extremely fussy eater was relishing the dish which was fully loaded with spinach and corn. The only thing which she is fond of is cheese and it was there in quesadilla in abundance.

She was quite fascinated with the name ‘Quesadilla‘ and she finished it.

The next day, I took the help of google baba and jotted down its recipe, and gave it a try by giving healthy touch. I prepared tortillas with whole wheat flour and added little refined flour to make them soft and whiter and prepared the same filling, spinach, corn, and loads of mozzarella cheese. The experiment was successful. Kiddos loved it thoroughly. And since then, I try them with different fillings like shredded cabbage, green peas, and grated carrots, scrambled eggs with loads of cheese, cottage cheese with capsicum, and many more.

Now every time I want my kids to eat something healthy, I think of some fancy name and present it before them. 

This trick is still working fine and is not restricted to quesadillas alone. Now, I have started trying different recipes to which I give some attractive names too, like Potato Cheese Bombs, Frankie Hara Bhara,  Sprouts Bhel, Mix Veg Dosa Envelopes, etc. A little twist and there you are, holding your head high, patting yourself on your shoulders for making your children eat a healthy wholesome meal.

I am sharing a few ideas with you here. If I make some paneer dish (Cottage cheese) for ourselves, I make Frankies for kids from normal chapatis and roll it with paneer filling and sprinkle some herbs to give it a nice flavour. I make spring rolls, momos, Manchurian loaded with vegetables. A variety of paranthas can be made with different stuffings like egg, potato, and green peas, methi, etc., Let me remind you again, don’t forget to make it interesting for your little one by making a smiley on it with tomato sauce or maybe a face using different vegetables.

What I learnt is,  that by giving a little makeover we can make picky eaters eat healthy food. By giving some creative touch to a dish while preparing as well as plating, we can surely attract kids towards it. 

Children should get the idea that eating healthy and nutritious food is fun. I think by giving such healthy twists to our meals we can cut back on junk.

I hope you all liked this blog of mine.  Do try these tips with your little ones and let me know how well it works for your kids.


Arti Mathur

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  1. So true!… making children eat nutritious food can be fun, thru creative ideas… Loved this blog❤👍

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