Vitamin F-riend Pill

 Vitamin F-riend Pill
Vitamin F-riend Pill
Vitamin F-riend Pill, is very important for a healthy life. Read on this beautiful dedication to friends by Harshita Udani on International Friendship's Day
 Vitamin F-riend Pill
Vitamin F-riend Pill

For near or far
Your presence keeps me at par
Your willing ear and solicited advice
Makes my biggest hurdles go afar
Your love, warmth and care
Is the sweet nectar in the jar
My life is incomplete without the steady dose of the vitamin F-riend pill
Because you conform with our crazy deal.

You are the essential pill for my smile
You fill my heart with delight
You are the perfect companion
I would like to go on the voyage of life
Coz I know you’ll stay with me,
Even when the whole world bids away
Love you FRIEND💕

-Harshita Udani

Happy International Friendship’s Day!

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