Meditation My Way

Meditation My Way by Sonal Sharma
Meditation My Way

I don’t do yoga. But I still manage to derive the benefits of it and maintain a healthy body and a happy mind.

Now you may wonder how, because I discover my meditative moments in everyday little things that I do. For me wearing a saree with my bindi and bangles on when I slow down, look at myself in the mirror and smile, sitting in my mandir where I soak myself into the divine bliss, curling up at my bay window penning my thoughts down, taking a long walk amidst nature, enjoying a scrumptious homemade meal with my family and friends all constitute meditative moments.

Just being in the nowness of the moment, living it fully, feeling alive and being all there is what meditation is all about and I feel it can be attained anywhere and everywhere through any practice.

At least I am the one who loves to follow and believe that.

-Sonal Sharma

Meditation My Way
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Meditation My Way
Meditation My Way by Sonal Sharma
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The Momma Clan
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