The Best Way to Help In Kitchen 

The Best Way to Help In the Kitchen
Help in kitchen
The Best Way to Help In the Kitchen  by Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim
The Best Way to Help In the Kitchen
Help in kitchen

Here we are in tango, cooking in the kitchen

We laugh in the kitchen while we cook

Don’t worry I am closer, 

Closer to you in this place

I can cook for you and help you cook

How do you like it to be?

Say it, 

I will help you cook

Here is our paradise, in this kitchen

Let us dine and drink together

For better for worse we are

Let us do this work together my friend, 

This day is ours as we prepare the special dish, 

Dish upon dishes of my favorite

With full aroma and taste of delicious meal


There is nothing best than to always be close to your beloved one in the kitchen. Be a lover, a companion and a good friend. 

Life is a race with your partner, be happy whether in the bedroom or in the kitchen. Be helpful, guide and assist in the kitchen.

Your friend is your friend, be with her in every where she goes. No matter the place even if it takes you to cock and provide for her.

Cook all what it takes to, but cook what is delicious to eat and be healthy. This will make you happy at all times. 

-Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim

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