Only My Baby Cares For Me

My Baby
My Baby

Right from the time a child is born and the world of the parents, especially the mom starts veering around him/ her 24*7, the proficient and learned kith and kin start pouring in propositions, guidance, and tips and tricks regarding how to raise the child in the best possible manner.

And one such suggestion that almost all moms might have got is – DO THE WORK(HOUSEHOLD CHORES) WHEN THE BABY FALLS ASLEEP.

The whole world seems to be just worried about household chores. Arrey, kbi mom ki b chinta kar lo

I would love to know from this experienced personnel to also guide the new moms regarding how to keep the child dozing off when the moms attempt to move away from his side.

I remember, when Lakshay was a few months old, the moment I would put him down in his cot and stealthily try to move out of the room, he would wail aloud piercing my ear drums.

So tell me, how could have I done the household chores when my child was sleeping? Because he was not sleeping at all if I wasn’t around.If I would sleep by his side; no horns, no doorbells, no drumbeats, no Television sound could wake him up but my absence would wake him up even in pin-drop silence.

When 26 January rehearsals would start and the jet planes would fly from above our home, even the ear-piercing roaring sounds won’t wake him up if I was by his side.

Or, if I take it the other way, I just feel that my child was empathetic toward me right from birth. Nobody, literally nobody, but only my child understood the need for my body. Only he understood that I too craved some rest time and that’s why he never wanted me to get up from his side when he fell asleep.

So, I chose to be a smart mom and worked contrary to the suggestions that I received.
I worked and completed my household chores when Lakshay was awake and with me. He would accompany me in all my work, lying or sitting next to me in his pram or sometimes in his swing. I was doing my MBA also at that time and he would sit with me while I studied or prepared assignments.

And, I think, it is because of all such experiences that now he recognizes, acknowledges, and assists me with all the household chores. We work together, eat together and rest together – in perfect coordination.

And now, when he is 12 and we are together, no sound bothers me as well. I sleep contended and peacefully. It’s his company that matters, nothing else bothers me at all. I know if I face any problem, he would be there for me. May God bless him and all the kids in the world with a happy, healthy, and long life.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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