There are many crucial and small problems in our society that hardly affect us in our daily lives. But when we talk about deadlocks existing in society, we don’t understand the pain until and unless we suffer. And that’s why we don’t talk much about this crunch.

There are many crunches in our society like child marriage, the dowry system, and the biggest one – rape. These brutal killers don’t even spare little girls. They just want sex and to get that they don’t spare anyone. In India, a female is raped every second. These things are less in other countries but in India, if a rapist is caught, he has to face imprisonment, that too, not for a lifetime, and has to pay the penalty. But what these things can do?

The girl who is being raped goes through trauma and it’s very hard for her to get over it. Many of them don’t even go to the police station due to fear and because those heartless rapists do it in the police costume. That’s why it’s very difficult for a girl to believe a man blindly. In many countries, rapists are sentenced to death or life imprisonment. I think the government should take strict and strict action against such types of criminals.

Girls and ladies should be provided security because males put a bad – eye whenever girls were short dresses or skirts, they feel unsafe wearing them. And our society…. What to say about it?

If a female is being raped, people start blaming her instead of the man who has just made her suffer from all this. They say ‘she was wearing a short dress, men will see it definitely’. That’s why the pain of these deadlocks can only be understandable who have suffered. Many times many people rape the girl continuously again and again due to which the girl may face death.

Many times, when a girl trusts a boy and gives permission to have sex and records it, they start blackmailing her and asking for the same again and again. They even call their friends to do it. Males don’t respect the privacy of a woman. Hardly, only a few do. That’s why a girl is always afraid to go outside at night and even during the day.

Insecurities in the world is just increasing day by day. I think the government should take steps regarding the same. As only government can’t do anything alone, we people should also corporate. Girls should have the courage to refuse a man and to slap him on doing wrong deeds. Males too should not think about one self only and should try to respect a woman wholeheartedly.

Together, we can make a change. Together, we can end these crunches. Let’s promise ourselves that we’ll not follow any misdeeds and will try to control ourselves regarding our tenderness towards females. We’d make our nation, our India free from all bad things. We’ll make ourselves and our nation, our India auspicious.


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