From and To 5-Day Challenge

From and To
From and To
From and To 5-Day Challenge by Somvanshiya
From and To
From and To


The cluster of Stars

“The beauty is astonishing. And, I keep wondering what I love most about this alluring view. Various things like the silverine glistening orb, or the curvy lines in it, or the blushy hues below the glistening line, or the entire body which explains your whole beauty.”


The dark side of the Moon.

“Yes, that’s how I feel too. I don’t need anything more from this day than this–Wait, what? “As the reality struck, the dark side of the Moon feels speechless, as it turns to face the clustered Stars, but the latter seems already gazing with an adoring look with unsaid words,

‘Cause, you’re Beautiful. Just the way you are!’


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