Grief Is That Friend 5-Day Challenge

Grief Is That Friend

Beyond odds, love leads to a better tomorrow. As long as they’re together, they’ll sail through; When their love takes care of them today; While they build their tomorrow. Makes this love they once shared so rare. For a love so rare; A bond so rare; Made for the movie screen isn’t Ours Anymore. You are supposed to give love and courage, but you regaled me as if I’m a thing to persuade. The loss of love in your eyes wanton me to cry. To uplift rather than tear down; To encourage rather than discourage; With the event above mentioned remains unclear, the grief comes as that friend and 

causes you to revert to the feeling of grief over your loss. These certain emotional responses take you back to cognitive dimensions where that grief triggers your loved one’s signature scent (smell), laughs, favorite songs, milestones (occasions), and more, among all their flaws; Their absence engulfs you, Without Warning.


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