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Sadness Blog

Holding the house keys of his dad’s sweet home for one last time, Pranay gazed at the now deserted house – the house which once buzzed with the laughter of its inmates. A teardrop escaped his eyes as he was left with no option but to sell off the dream house of his dad.

He strode around the house where he had witnessed the changing seasons for the full two decades of his life – every wall had a story to tell. Every nook and cranny of the house was shedding silent tears for they knew his plight.

Though it was a 2- BHK floor, it was no less than a mansion for him. It was his dad’s kingdom and he was his dad’s prince where his dad fulfilled all his wishes. The King feted his queen and princess also with extreme love, respect, and honour.

One day, the King and the princess died in a road accident, leaving behind the Queen and the prince heartbroken and devastated. Pranay was just 22. He was at a loss and knew nothing – what to do, how to cope, where to go. He looked upon his mom who was so much drowned in her own sorrow that she couldn’t see the one left behind.  And, finally, she slipped into a coma one month after her husband’s demise.

Pranay inherited the home and his dad’s business after his demise. Unfortunately, he didn’t know even the basics of the business. His well-wishers guided him not to sell off the business for he could resume it after understanding it.

But, he needed immediate money for his mother’s treatment. Reluctantly and with a heavy heart, he decided to sell the house.

He took the reigns of his life into his hands. He has had enough. He couldn’t afford to lose his mom now. He wanted to give her the best of treatment and also understand his dad’s business.

He sold the house to get money for mom’s treatment. Today was his last night at this house.

He entered the hall, came to the centre, knelt, and screamed at the top of his voice.  For the first time in so many days, he cried his lungs out. He cried remembering the good old days, he cried reminiscing the lifeless bodies of his dad and sister lying exactly at that point where he now sat.

He vowed to get his house back at the earliest. He vowed to snatch his mom away from the clutches of coma, depression, and gloom. He vowed to his dad that he won’t let him and his teachings down. He slept there crying to wake up the next morning for a NEW BEGINNING.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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