Love 5-Day Challenge


Love another name of sacrifice

 love something beautiful as paradise

When the person is around

It feels like the month of spring surrounds

The first one to be on your mind

The reason behind, 

Behind your smile , behind the glow on face 

The one with whom every dream you chase 

In the sky , Moon and stars shining bright

Sitting together with the beautiful sight 

Quality time spending together 

Not counting flaws of each other

Just proving the true meaning of love 

For mythology Radha Krishna another name of love

Love not just about physical attraction

But what one look for is time and attention

Love, synonym of trust , respect and understanding

When misunderstanding is the matter 

Not leaving each other 

And beside each other always supporting

Gifts and wants should be secondry 

Love for each other should be mandatory

-Ankita Bhatia

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