December 5-Day Challenge


December is an emotion; the emotion of love, happiness, melancholy, agony, hope, gratitude, repentance, forgiveness, goodbyes, and little farewells. You’ve got a major part of the year behind your back and counting days ahead, yearning to find peace and gratitude in those numbered days. December makes you proud of yourself, because of the hurt and agony you’ve had.

You’ve got an aroma for ecstatic and melancholic moments in your heart making an end to one chapter of your life while making a room for hope for the next one. You make a way towards new resolutions which are never going to end while making their presence in the list possible.

December holds greater motivation than the rest of the months could ever hold. Owing to the farewell of the existing year, the motivation in your heart keeps shining bright.

D: dwelling through the agony.
E: ensuring peace, while
C: crying to the
M: making the rest of the days
E: edge, of highs and lows;
B: beautiful and peaceful to
E: endure the existing time,
R: real and eternal. 

-Asiya Rahim

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