Dear 03.06.2022 – 5 Day Challenge

Dear 03.06.2022
Dear 03.06.2022


Letting my emotions out do make me feel at ease but it never fails to remember every ache I’ve survived. My little heart allows only a fraction of my emotions to take the form of snippets to my dearest pages. Let me fly to bring the emotions out of the sky.

The month of May has been the most taxing so far. Initial May was bright and full of colours, allowing agony to exit. The things, I’d been dreaming of for months happened, apprising my little heart, you’ve found your manzil. Nevertheless, I wonder if it took years of wars to conclude this month. Each day reflected a new war with new experiences and old weapons taking me behind the miles.

I can remember nth times I’ve given up and more and times I’ve stood strong. For a time, I function normally like the way I should do, act and behave, and then go back to my self version, manifesting myself as weak, dependent, and fragile. So am I, with a fragile heart that keeps on breaking with each hurtful event. And I keep on balancing myself with pretending and showing my true self. Today what I feel is I can’t change myself for the way I’m. I might seem weak and needy but this is what my true self desires.

It is said, that don’t carry the burden of expectations, it hurts. What we believe is hope is what keeps you going no matter what. Hope makes your survival a little smoother and easier. My heart is never in favour of expectations but what I feel is expectations are inborn. They’re always tied to ourselves. You make an expectation, you get hurt and along the way, a new expectation is on your way to getting hurt.

You can never know the intensity of pain one is going through. You can never know how much your so-called little actions can affect someone’s life to which you’ve been oblivious.

June, a mere mystery.

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-Asiya Rahim

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