A Verse for my Dad…

A Verse for my Dad
A Verse for my Dad

You my Dad,

When I’m down,

You lift me..

When I’m sad,

You understand..

When I’m lost,

In the wrong place,

You shift me..

Pick me up,

When I fall..

Help me stand,

You are my all..

When I cry,

You wipe my tears..

As you have done,

For many years..

When we were broke,

You said we’ll get by..

Made me the apple,

Of you eye..

Taught me, 

How to get along..

Corrected me,

When I was wrong..

Loved me,

No matter what I do..

Helping me,

When I haven’t a clue..

You make me happy,

That’s what you do..

That’s why I am glad,

That your my dad..

Steve Lyman

3 thoughts on “A Verse for my Dad…

  1. Thank You very much for sharing my piece on..
    A Verse for my Dad..
    Very pleased with the layout..
    Blessings 🙏❤️🙏

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