A True Story (happened last winter…)

A True Story
A True Story (happened last winter…)

As I walked down the street, there she was..

Just sitting in the doorway, all alone..

Nothing but a blanket to keep her warm, her hair was wet from the rain that had blown into the doorway, the doorway she calls home..

People laugh and joke as they walk by, some even verbally shout at her as she asks “have you any spare change” in her soft, scared voice..

What can I do, I ask myself..

How can I help this young woman??

So I go to the nearest coffee shop..

I buy 2 take away coffees, two sandwiches, two hot sausage rolls..

Then I return, I walked I walked over to the young woman..

“What do you want” she asks a I approached her..

” Nothing” I replied..

” Just thought you might like a coffee, and something to eat”..

I gave her the hot drink, and the hot sausage rolls..

” Why have you done this” 

” What are you after” I’m not going anywhere with you”

” I am not asking you for anything, just eat supper with me”.. I gave her the sandwich packs and a bottle of juice..

” Keep these for later” I told her..

I sat beside her, and took a sip of my coffee..

” You don’t have to stay, you don’t want to be seen with a dropout”..

” I told you, I am here to have supper with you”..

She looked up at me and smiled..

” Why are you doing this for me”

” Because I can, and I want to” as I passed her a hand full of serviettes..

“Now dry your face, and eat before the sausage rolls get cold”..

At that moment, a group of teenagers walked by..

One of them spat at us, and started the verbal abuse.. Then they walked away laughing..

“You should walk away, it’s not your place to be spat at and stuff” she said wiping her blanket clean..

“I’ve not finished my coffee with you yet” I chuckled..

” Are you crazy, you don’t have to take this crap for sitting with me,”

” Your right, shall I retaliate so they can give us more abuse”..

“Probably not, I don’t need anymore today”..

I finished my coffee, and stood up.. I took my jacket off..I had a warm zip up cardigan underneath..

“Okay” the young woman said..

” Is this the part where you want payment in kind”

” Not at all, this is when I give you my cardigan to help keep you warm, it’s only an old one”..

” I can’t take your Woolley’s from you,” she said..

“I will lend it to you then if that makes you feel better”

“Ok, thank you” she said as she put it on..

” What’s your name” She asked..

” Steve” I replied…

“I am Mary Jane, nice to meet you Steve”

” You too Mary” I replied as I walked away…

Hey Steve!! She shouted at me, “This cardigan smells lovely, l will be thinking of you when I sleep tonight”!!

” That’s good, and goodnight” I replied…

That was the last time I ever saw Mary…

I looked around the area a few times over the next week… But I never saw her in any of the doorways..

Yet till this day, I still remember that hour…

The message I am sending out today is simple…

Next time you see someone, sitting in a doorway begging… Don’t just throw them change, cos you could just be feeding their addiction…

Don’t abuse them, you don’t know what they have been through already…

Buy them a hot drink, maybe some food…

Help make them feel like they are somebody, even just for an hour…After all, they are human too…

If you can’t do any of the above, just smile and walk on by…

I dedicate this to Mary Jane, wherever you are..πŸ’–πŸ˜ƒπŸ’–πŸ˜ƒ

-Steve Lyman

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